[Ideation] SCP-161 Confirmation of 0xean’s appointment as interim Engineering Workstream Leader

[Ideation] SCP-161 Confirmation of 0xean’s appointment as interim Engineering Workstream Leader


0xdef1cafe has resigned from his position as Engineering Workstream leader and per SCP-92 has appointed 0xean from the Fox Foundation as a temporary replacement until a full time replacement can be found. Per SCP-92, this also needs to be ratified by the community.


Should this proposal pass, I will act as interim Engineering Workstream leader until a new workstream leader is voted in formally by governance or 3/31/2024 when the current budget expires


To provide continuity in engineering leadership to the excellent contributors that comprise the workstream. Per SCP-92 each workstream is required to have a workstream leader.


The current engineering workstream budget expires at the end of March 2024. This proposal would verify 0xdef1cafe’s appointment of myself as interim workstream leader until governance elects a new full-time leader. While I am happy to fill this role for as long as the DAO needs me, it is much preferable to find another long-term candidate.


  1. The engineering workstream continues delivering on the roadmap outlined by product with limited disruption as 0xdef1cafe departs from his role
  2. I will not be taking any salary from the DAO’s budget. I am already compensated for my role at the Fox Foundation and will be providing these services on behalf of the Foundation.
  3. I have a good understanding of our tech stack, our team, and a good working relationship with all of the stakeholders.
  4. The team and workstream leads have supported this transition so far.


  1. This is temporary and the team will eventually have to adapt to another new leader stepping in as soon as that person is voted in through governance.


Please vote on snapshot here


Thanks for stepping up @0xean, you taking on this role, and subsequently, this proposal, has my full support.


Thanks for stepping in @0xean. This proposal has my full support as well, and having worked together at various times and across many features since joining the workstream, I have no doubts as your abilities to lead the engineering workstream in the interim.


@0xean - I’m super grateful that you’re both willing and able to step into this role. It’s always been a pleasure working with you and I have the utmost respect for you, as does the rest of the team.

It goes without saying this has my full support too.


Def glad to see @0xean stepping into this role. I actually enjoy our conversations.

Compensation: fox foundation. Wasnt the foxfoundation lowering your numbers etc? when does that come into play, or is it pushed off with this?
just hoping/making sure you still get yours etc.


It’s been a pleasure trying to manage with you so far. :vulcan_salute: Looking forward to progress and finding a suitable fit patiently/deliberately.


The board has graciously approved me remaining full time until another candidate is found and then I will revert back to part time.


Big supporter of this.


thanks for all the support. This has moved to a final vote here