[Ideation] SCP-174 Retain Foundation Engineering Workstream Support


This proposal seeks community alignment formalizing the request of 0xeans interim Engineering Workstream Leadership until October 1st or until a permanent replacement is selected via governance. This request aims to ensure continuity, stability, and effectiveness within the engineering workstream in light of challenges attracting qualified candidates.


Given the resignation of 0xdef1cafe as the Engineering Workstream Leader in the fall, plus the challenges faced in attracting qualified applicants, 0xean from the Fox Foundation, has stepped in, filling the gap. Per all measures he’s done so with remarkable success. Passing this proposal signals a request of the Fox Foundation extending assistance filling the engineering workstream leader role until either Oct 1st or such a time when governance has selected a permanent replacement. Should a competent leader emerge they will put a proposal for a change in leadership and a revised scope of work as needed.


The engineering team, alongside operations and product workstreams, have unanimously found the support provided from the Fox Foundation for an interim engineering workstream leader highly beneficial. The workstream’s budget is up for renewal at the end of March. As the search for a replacement workstream leader continues and since the likelihood of a suitable leader passing through governance in time for the team’s renewal, the need for an alternate solution is clear. This proposal not only addresses the immediate need for effective leadership but also leverages the unique position of the Foundation providing service for the DAO, leading a DAO workstream towards better outcomes.


A passing vote signals a community ratified request to the Foundation for 0xean’s Engineering Leadership services. Like SCP 161, 0xean will continue as the interim Engineering Workstream Leader. This proposal formalizes the request under the following conditions:

  • 0xean will remain as the interim Engineering Workstream Leader until the community elects a permanent replacement or until October 1st, whichever comes first.
  • 0xean has voluntarily recused himself from the committee who has been working to vet a new workstream leader in order to avoid conflicts of interest.
  • 0xean will take no compensation directly from the DAO and is compensated through his role at the foundation


  • Retains Engineering: As the timeline for a new budget is approaching this proposal ensures that there will be no break retaining the contributors and talent on the engineering workstream.
  • Leadership Continuity: Provides uninterrupted and effective leadership for the Engineering Workstream during a critical period.
  • Operational Stability: Ensures the Engineering Workstream continues to function efficiently and effectively under proven leadership.
  • Supports the DAO’s: By subsidizing this specific role through the Foundation the runway is preserved for longer.


  • Lack of DAO recruited leader: While essential under current circumstances, retaining foundation member services in operational roles is a temporary accommodation. It still leaves the workstream without a permanent leader.
  • Focus on Permanent Recruitment: Emphasizes the need to continue efforts to identify and recruit a permanent Engineering Workstream Leader.


  • For: Approval to formalize 0xean as the interim Engineering Workstream Leader until October 1st or until a permanent replacement is elected by governance.
  • Against: Opposition to the proposal, rejecting the formalization of 0xean’s interim leadership role.
  • For, with changes: (Ideation Stage Only) Indicates support for the proposal if certain adjustments are made before the final vote.

For further discussion or to express any questions, comments, or concerns, please comment below or reach out in the #Governance channel of the ShapeShift Discord.


Thanks for posting this, @kaladinlight.

I’m in full support of this proposal - @0xean has been invaluable in ensuring effective continuity for the engineering workstream and in helping it best contribute to the goals of the DAO whilst a more permanent solution is sought.


As long as the DAO can deal with two redheads arguing about the best direction :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Full send.


I am support of this as well, until we are able to fulfill the role full time.

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Moved to final vote: Snapshot

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:clap: :smiley: suport this proposal

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