Help find the next Engineering Workstream Leader

Gm fox fam! :fox_face:

First and foremost, I want to express some heartfelt gratitude to @0xdef1cafe for his valiant leadership and services to the DAO though both the hard times and the good. You will be missed ser, but not forgotten.

Following @0xdef1cafe’s resignation and appointment of @0xean as interim workstream leader, there’s an opening for a new leader for the Engineering Workstream.

Here’s the job description for the role that @0xdef1cafe kindly drafted.

As a reminder, decisions on if/how/who to elect for any workstream leader role are governed by FOX Token holders, and anyone is welcome to apply so long as they follow the governance process.

While it’s great that this process is quite decentralized, this can also lead to several challenges relative to traditional hiring processes at centralized orgs.

To address these challenges and support the search, the engineering workstream, workstream leaders, and I have formed a committee to solicit, vet, and guide the best candidate we can find in making a proposal to the community.

Please help us find the most badass leader possible by spreading the word about this opportunity and inviting anyone you think would be a great fit to apply :mega:

Tweet to share:
Form to apply: Engineering Workstream Application Form

In the meantime, @0xean has graciously agreed to step in as Interim workstream leader to ensure continuity and a smooth transition once a new leader has been elected :pray:

Happy to share more info on the committee’s hiring process, but for now just wanted to share the announcement and links and ask for everyone’s support in amplifying this important message :fox_face: :rocket: :rainbow:


Thanks Willy! I’d like to see more transparency around what the committee is doing right now and who the current candidates are. It sounds like we’ve already got a few people in the running and as a foxholder it’s important to me that I can see who is interested in the position and what their vision for the engineering workstream looks like before the committee makes a ruling on who should submit a proposal. This is a decision that will have a huge impact on all of us and as someone with a background in engineering I’m especially interested in weighing in on candidates before the selection is narrowed by a committee, even if that means sifting through a few unqualified applicants myself.


Hello @cyclicgoose - just to be clear, the committee is not ruling on who should or can submit a proposal. The committee is simply selecting a candidate that it will choose to help to submit a proposal for the leadership role.

Anyone can submit a proposal, any group of fox holders (or non fox holders) could also self organize, just like this group has, to help another candidate submit a proposal.


Thanks for the comment and offer to help @cyclicgoose! Happy to provide some more transparency around the committee’s process and progress so far.

The first step is to raise awareness and attract as many applicants as possible. The committee aligned on this job description (feedback is always welcome tho), the position was announced on Twitter, and anyone is welcome to apply via this form.

After submitting the form, applicants are invited to complete a video interview powered by a tool called Hireflix. The interview is composed of 15 questions that the committee aligned on. Applicants get 30 seconds to prepare and 2 minutes to answer each question as well as 3 chances to record a retake. They can record the interview on their own schedule, and the hiring committee can review the recordings on their own schedule (especially nice for a globally distributed team).

Happy to publish the questions once this phase is over. In the meantime, I can at least share this intro video that applicants see at the beginning of the interview.

This first phase is still in progress, but the plan is for the committee to narrow the list of applicants down to the top 2 or 3 to invite to complete 3 live interviews with members of the committee focused on the following key criteria: Technical (led by @woodenfurniture), Leadership/Program Management (led by @0xFBL), and DAO/Open Source/Community (led by @0xean). References will also be requested at this stage.

Finally, the committee will deliberate and come to consensus on their top choice, which they’ll then support in making a governance proposal and scheduling an interview with the community. This is a similar process that occurred when electing @0xFBL, but has been improved with the video interview stage and more focused live interviews.

The goal is to advance to advance to the live interview phase by Jan 1, but it’s possible the application window will be extended if the committee doesn’t feel enough qualified applicants have completed interviews yet.

So far, 3 individuals have applied and been invited to complete the video interview, and 2 have completed the video interview.

Re: your generous offer to weigh in on candidates before the selection is narrowed by a committee:
I appreciate this offer, but don’t think it’s my call. While I’ve volunteered to help facilitate this “hiring” effort (technically it’s more of a candidate-seeking-and-vetting effort), I defer to the committee on whether they’d like to invite anyone else to help pre-screen candidates.

IMO, the main thing the committee could use help with right now is raising awareness for the opportunity and encouraging anyone you know that could be a fit to apply.

As @0xean mentioned, any candidate is welcome to skip/cancel this process and go directly to the community if they’d like. Ultimately the community has the final say, and all candidates are encouraged to join the discord and engage with the community directly at any point in the process. Additionally, the community (or any subset) is welcome to embark on their own “hiring” process or even mandate a specific process should be required (ie. SCP-162). In lieu of that, I plan to continue pushing forward with the current committee and plan, but welcome any/all feedback and appreciate any/all support in raising awareness for the role.


Thanks Willy, that clears up a lot! I’m glad to hear the candidates have the ability to engage with the community at this stage and hope some of them do. I’m looking forward to seeing who the next engineering leader could be and how they interact with us.