(Incubation) Proposal to renew Globalization WS - Q3 & Q4

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The previous term accomplished significant goals, data reveals that the actions taken by the Globalization Workstream have played a crucial role in maintaining a living Global operation. This proposal ensures Globalization Workstream continuing its work and making further progress in the coming term from Aug/2023 to Jan/2024 (6-months).


Globalization was able to laverage DAOs new integrations and services, the development of FOXatars, also introduced ShapeShift DAO to new global audience. We are experiencing growth worldwide and its part of Globalization mission bring and support all non-US users coming to our DAO and platform/website.

Past term achievements:

  • 15k identified MAUs

Globalization MixPanel reveals that 62% of app.shapeshift.com traffic originates from the US, while the remaining 38% comes from non-US sources in the support provided by Globalization Workstream so we identified them, Check Globalization report

  • .

    Breakdown: March/2023: 1,6k MAUs - April/2023: 5k MAUs - May/2023: 3,5k MAUs - June/2023: 4,5k MAUs

    Language Support

Weekly translations throughout updates using Gitlocalize and WeGlot for regional landing pages (es.shapeshift.com, br.shapeshift.com and fr.shapeshift.com), Globalization WS also proposed and executed new features to ShapeShift code aiming a legacy:

Hard-coded “Revoke” string in app{:ShiftEnter=>true}

Translation Maintenance Script

Minor “lib” fixes

Fix invalidated translations script typing

Translations Counting Script

feat: change Trade into Trade/Bridge in large nav

lib repo translations cleanup

fix: make select a network copy translatable

The introduction of Russian language support has attracted new users, and based on the Select Locale metric, we are confident that these are genuine users.

  • Awereness and MKT support

All Global Spaces

41 Twitter Spaces

69% Growth in Spanish Telegram

233% Growth in Spanish Twitter (from 600 to 2k)

Activating US and BR instagram accounts

Leveraging Zealy and other engagement tools to drive usage of our products

  • FOXatar

Globalization WS incubates Mercle project by delivering design services and leveraging its dedicated workforce. So far we produced 423 assets for FOXatars project. The project establishes a new feature on ShapeShift platform and promotes in-app purchases, retetion strategies, giving a worldwide visibility to our partners such as OP, Lifi, THORchain, CowSwap, and others. It extends the communication with our partners with a strong cross-promotion approach.

  • Events

Globalization Workstream choose events aligned with the DAO’s goals ensures a worthwhile investment of time and resources.

ETH Denver: Global ops w/ Vlad

ETH Rio: Vlad’s mainstage

ETH Samba: Guiriba’s mainstage

ETH Barcelona (ongoing): Joanna’s hackthon mentorship, side event

NFT.Brasil: Sponsorship with booth, 2 speaking opportunities, event social media presence, press release, merch, FOXatar.

  • Press Releases

(Cointelegraph) THORchain Savers

(Cointelegraph) Guiriba interview

(Beincrypto) ShapeShift wallet

(Beincrypto) NFT.Brasil & ShapeShift

  • Cross-Workstream Support

The Globalization Workstream supports other Workstreams by providing marketing services, delivering essential graphic and textual content as required.

All assets drive

Also improved the product experience by implementing features and fixes streamlined the user interface.

Extra PRs

Globalization Workstream is always looking for new integration, features and after all everything comes together the whole ShapeShift DAO ecosystem, the Cross-Workstream support open door and bring a collective building exprience aimed to DAOs values and goals.


The Globalization Workstream acknowledges the importance of efficient communication, community development, and brand visibility on a global scale, extending beyond the United States. Venturing into international markets presents opportunities to access a wider user base. These markets represent countries where privacy and open-source code are sought-after, making ShapeShift tools against censorship. There is a growing demand for expansion into potential markets in Asia, Africa and other regions across the globe so Globalization WS goals are also aimed to diversify ShapeShift DAO customer base.

Additional read: May, 18 - Crypto Adoption is blooming - But not in US or Europe (Cointelegraph)


Now that we have identified our audience using MixPanel, we can work on promoting ramp practices, donations, and other topics that generate income for the DAO.


  • Pursuit 50k identified MAUs

  • Leverage ramp practices outside US aiming a 185% growth

A dedicated plan

  • for FOXatars with 78 new assets, tasks ,traits, and start campaings based on levels
  • Establish a Global donor user base


  • Weekly team internal syncs + Other Workstreams sync <> Global team

  • Every week other Office Hours on Discord
  • Stay in line with DAOs goals and MixPanel data providing analytics about Globalization peformance during next term
  • Continue github activity aiming market fit and Global UI tweaks
  • Keep Globalization WS executing cross workstream jobs
  • A new FOXatar design plan should oxygen the current MVP and move to its next step with dedicated campaigns.
  • The FOXatar will also foster the Global donor user base with new traits.


thesmith - WS Leader. Full time: Responsible for making executive decisions for the team. Acts on all battle fronts along with the co-leader. This profile is extremely communicative and exposed, being able to transit in local markets and establish authority. Should secure and manage the entire WS budget.

vlad - WS Co-Leader. Full time: Performs general management tasks, from contributors to operations. He has a duty to uphold ShapeShift ethos and ensure the ongoing maintenance of the team within the Workstream Leader. He also has as a Leadership profile, being able to perform complex tasks and create strategies for the team.

firebomb - devOps. Part time: Responsible for developing the necessary ecosystem to ensure that our app and landing pages are language-compliant. This involves addressing product and UX aspects and proposing code improvements to enhance functionality. French speaker, Global WS translation flow management.

jpanam- Spanish Coordinator. Full time: Supervises our networks and contributors in Spanish, performs translation and assists in community growth directly by creating content. Spanish team budget management. Availability to regional and international events in Latin America.

joanna - Community. Part time: Available to apply off-the-curve growth strategies. She is focused on developing the Spanish community by managing our Spanish social networks. Joanna is available to regional and international events in Europe being a trilingual speaker: spanish, english and french.

atlan Designer. Part time: Dedicated designer with the ability to meet the demands of other workstreams, already performing in this role, and responsible for the artistic conception and production of the FOXatar, Poaps, SM content and more. Atlan also produces assets for our product, such as the FOX Missions page.

guiriba - Content. Part time: Creates content and editorial lines for our growth actions. He is also the source of Portuguese and Spanish content and during the Q1 started to perform in English content. Guiriba also manages the Portuguese Twitter and coordinates all Twitter Spaces there.


Monthly Breakdown:

Last Term:

$5,585 USDC / $12,252 USD in FOX / Total: $18,150

Next Term:

$4,850 USDC / $13,300 USD in FOX / Total: $18,150


Despite the relatively low operational cost, this proposal requires funding from the DAO treasury.


We believe that our goals bring significant benefits to the DAO, as these milestones aimed to Global expansion are aligned with the purposes and objectives of the group. The Workstream is also reducing its USDC ask, while ensuring balanced compensation. Still the most cost-effective option, costing no more than what a regular single contributor often demands.

Thanks for writing this proposal and outlining the value our Workstream brings to the DAO. The most ambitious goal has not been met in this term, but we have over-delivered in other aspects and made good strides to eventually achieve that MAU goal if the community approves this proposal. On an even lower USDC spend for a new term I’m not sure how they could pass on such a deal for this much talent grin

The work the Globalization WS have been doing is truly impressive. ShapeShift presence in the LATAM region is now super strong and healthy thanks to the many initiatives this WS have been doing.

Fostering good relationships with other important communities and running events together have also helped with brand awareness and ensuring more and more people give ShapeShift that first try.

Fully support this team and the hard work they have been doing!

I'm sure they will continue to do a great job in the global workstream


I support this crazy team. :slight_smile:

how are you defining users here:

Pursuit 50k identified MAUs

During the previous proposal, achieving 50k MAUs was one of the most ambitious goals we committed to. In fact… the international market real potential exceeded these numbers. The goal is identify 50k MAUs coming from our own setup: communities, socials, events, networking, SEO practices etc. We identified 15k - so far - coming from countries of interest we have been working on during past 3 months (mixpanel avail data), this includes Russia, Spain and not limiting only to latam communities like early times. So you may wonder what criteria we use to consider a MAU identified on our platform… and i would say that Connected Wallets is a very reasonable one.

Still say this ws is not marketing. They do a variety of items. ambassadors, show case events, language translations, help with bug fixing, host several social platforms with their own teams. sprinkling in some marketing as well. I see marketing as a small part of what they are doing. More of building an entire eco system for the DAO to interact with various regions, that we normally wouldnt.

Thanks, GK. Those who are around since early times knows that Global WS was created with other purposes than marketing.

To be honest, i see Global WS as a truly sub-DAO structure that goes beyond any specific role.

I am not a marketing person. i hire a marketing team to put my name out there in the public. the public reads/looks at the ad, calls me or comes into my shop. The sales guy (me) then takes the customer and tries to push the product. If my product is supbar (its not, its great!) i dont make a sale. I would then switch products and put another on display.

Ambassadors go out and talk to other companies (protocals/setups etc) and talk about us, to get them interested in dealing with us on some level.

I dont know the right answers. yes, i think someone needs to help Global have some … easily explained/understandable kpi’s, for those that want it. and discuss goals that they can meet for growths.

I see some of the problem is, understanding each other.

All the bits that say Firebomb is doing, helps the dao. how to figure that into the kpi’s? PR’s for language, pr’s for some display bug. etc. , atlan doing the artwork for foxatars/poaps etc. should we focus on each person? or a group. (sorry on a call too now)

I am thinking the mixpanel discussion will help, if we go with the numbers. i think the numbers is the wrong focus.

the budget does not come all at once there is a whole system using the multisig and colony that is monthly managed by different ws leaders. Also among compensations, budget, bounties, events part of this amount does not turn into voting value because of the nature of its function.

Yes, I agree that is very confusing, our efforts are towards awereness, adaptation, compatibility, community and convertion makes our measurables very similar and compatible to mkt although we differ by nature. it can be seen as international mkt as you put if you cut off everything that surrond that in a early stage of decentralization which involve the other core sectors of our operation, product, community , networking …

Thanks a lot @MrJaf !

I am sure we are going to get into a point of decentralization that we are not going to even use the word leader anymore. we are t there yet. I believe we got more clarify among all the workstreams in general since last term. more and more clarity indeed. Dude you are fire, I like it, as a fox holder myself I would love to see this happeni.ng

Good stuff :slight_smile:

Probably someone else may have the same questions you brought up in this specific post… Lets go deep.

Great, what were the previous significant goals that were achieved? What data reveals that actions taken by the Globalization Team have played a crucial role in maintaining a living Global operation for ShapeShift?

We can use MixPanel to gather data and measure the impact of our actions, Access numbers from around the world are increasing, motivating us to continue. For example, we activated NFT.Brasil and tracked DAUs during the 3-day irl campaign. Russia also have a identified spike after we started to find out real users are using our translation.

If you search for those days on Portuguese and Spanish DAUs you should find some spikes, most of them are now tracked and identified.

What integrations and services were leveraged by the Globalization team? Did the Globalization team leverage the development of FOXatars or did the Globalization team develop the FOXatars? What new global audience did the Globalization team introduce ShapeShift to? How do you quantify that this was the work of the Globalization workstream? Can this be tracked/measured with any quantifiable metrics?

FOXatar is a great responsability, its the first time ShapeShift could really interact with the NFT space. Willy brought us this opportunity because no other WS but Global would have this bandwith. We acceppted this challenge and build the first creative scope, this means besides producing assets (423 designs) I think its fair to includes Global involvement in project’s early stages when it comes to the whole gamification idea, first plans. Today FOXatar is a collaborative effort with other workstreams that now have different scopes within the project.

Is 15k MAU’s an achievement? How is this an achievement? What does identifying 15,000 Monthly Active Users mean to the DAO from the perspective of the Globalization team? How can the globalization team take credit for all 38% of non-US users? Does the Globalization team think that all international users are only here because of their work? It’s a pretty glaring assumption which doesn’t feel right. Why did the MAU number go from 5k to 3.5k from April to May? What lead to the increase to 4.5k in June? Why is the overall MAU still down from 5k in April?

Yes, 15k identified MAUs is def an achievement for us. it means we finally can make sure users are at least connecting their wallets on platform in addition to other specific criteria like Language Support (this means you need to click the button and switch the language from EN to any other 7 supported languages). Global brought this metric to light by doing this PR: https://github.com/shapeshift/web/pull/4455 - thanks @Fireb0mb1 reb0mb1

38% of non-US users means all users impact one way or another with Global WS actions. Theres established communities, 7 languages support, a badass irl event agenda around the world, UI tweaks aimed to international users. Lets say 38% corresponds to 15k identified MAUs. If you last Global study about its MAUs theres a pie graphic right before the Closing Thoughts comparing Global WS provided support x rest of the world. I would say that panel could reveal the whole potential of the international market.

The second is and interesting point, fren. I guess all ShapeShift had an spike this time, as far Im tracking Global MAUs (which means non-US audience), i would say MAus started to decrease after this general spike until 3,5k. Good thing is that the fall stoped there and the whole organization was able to experience growth (maybe after FOXatar launch?), MAUs are a mutual work.

All Global Spaces? I assume this means all Global Twitter Spaces? Does this mean there were 41 Twitter Spaces held in total or were there 41 Spaces in addition to other “All Global Spaces”?

Theres a real crypto bubble happening on Twitter, Twitter Spaces can def driven a good audience and mostly sustain our TT numbers in Portuguese and Spanish. We started this format with weekly sprints covering almost the entire term. So Globalization WS held/participated/co-authored 41 twitter spaces during the past term. Does it makes sense?

What does a 69% growth in Spanish Telegram translate to? You provided 600 to 2k for the Spanish Twitter, but what is the measure for the Telegram?

69% growth in Spanish Telegram means now theres a living community (reaching 500 subs) on this specific channel which was dead before. Spanish Twitter accomplished its goal, it started with 600 subs and now with 2k means it triple. Spanish team was renewed past term and have been grinding real organic growth with a creative strategy.

Activating US and BR Instagram accounts? What does this mean? You signed up for an account and this is supposed to be an achievement? What happened with the US and BR accounts? How have they performed? Have they grown?

Instagram is Still under MVP, but if you check them you might find an awesome feed to be worked in. I wouldnt say they grown, we started to give them life and should keep build plans around both. Def not a substancial or impressive growth to quantify.

Leveraging Zealy and other engagement tools to drive usage of our products? How did you leverage Zealy? What were the key learnings from leveraging Zealy? Are there any improvements to make to the Zealy strategy? What other engagement tools have you used? What results have they garnered?

Rewards, gamification, and other related concepts are areas we have been actively working on. This specific platform has shown positive results for attracting international users, while tools like Dappback, used by the Marketing WS in the past, have also been showed as good experiment. It’s all about finding the right tools that align with our international strategies, we understand that engagements like this bring us numbers on social networks and the platform - whether new followers involved in the gamification or some intermediary users who heard about it during the campaign.

These are all tasks that Firebomb completed but is there information for how the rest of the Globalization team contributed to these efforts? Why were these efforts necessary? Sure this can be found within the Github repos but the point of a proposal is to provide overviews, not have community members proceed to dozens of links just to come to conclusions by themselves. I am sure other members have visited these links and have come to completely different conclusions about the results being presented.

All efforts were aimed to better international user experience or improvement in the translation process like automated word count, fixes that could cause bad user experience were also applied. thus, i only listed related PRs to language support.

Firebomb started as a French translator and today runs the translation flow for 7 languages, his technical qualities are essential for Globalization and international experience of the product overall.

Globalization incubated Mercle, awesome, but did they do it by delivering design services and leveraging it’s dedicated workforce? How so? What in-app purchases does the FOXatar campaign promote? I thought it was a free campaign with no cost to the end user? It’s a gasless mint, right? What retention strategies does having the FOXatar campaign create for ShapeShift? How does incubating Mercle, a project where we are the largest users, give worldwide visibility to partners such as OP, LiFi, THORChain, CowSwap and others? What did Mercle do for these other partners? Did Mercle do the heavy lifting? Did we do more for Mercle by introducing them to these other projects? Have these other projects been given better support from Mercle? Do these other projects incorporate Mercles tech into their globalization efforts?

Yes, we have a good relationship with Mercle and we also introduce them to partners. It’s a Win-Win relationship :slight_smile:

I believe that it is a good MVP and that we can move forward with a new dedicated plan, we must learn from the mistakes and successes and evolve this feature that is now part of our portfolio. Should we keep gassless? Maybe yes maybe no. These are questions we want to understand and answer when we implement what we are proposing: new FOXatar features aimed at user experience. Again, FOXatar is a collective construction and we are pleased to be in, willing to contribute with key workstreams that are also building this project.

Awesome, has the Globalization team been able to quantify these goals and outcomes to suggest a worthwhile investment of time and resources? What studies have been undertaken with the data from these events? What were the learnings in sequence from ETHDenver to ETHRio to ETHSamba to ETHBarca to NFT.Brasil? What opportunities to improve did the Globalization team come up with? How were these events chosen?

Since WS leadership is based in Brazil almost all events we attend are costed by our own personal funds. Good thing is the leadership access through Brazilian Web3 circle and now contributors based in Paris , which is Joannas case, being able to finally expand our activities to countries of interest like Spain and France. The investment is truly low given the fact that all of those events are being growth hacked. International events are partially funded with WS funds and we have been on the major events road since WS conception, even passing through Devcon (Bogota) and Cosmoverse (Medellin) - both held in Colombia last year. We learned a lot thanks to the DAO who believed and trusted our dox, this whole road was worth it and we guarantee to spread lots of merch and ShapeShift ethos over main crypto events. If you look at all the events mentioned, they are related to countries that fits on that 38% of traffic assumed in the previous topic.

Wonderful. What was the impact of these press releases? How much did they cost? What gains did ShapeShift see from these press releases? What audiences were targeted post release? Can you share any data sourced from/collected through these publishers?

Press releases are long-term strategies that yield results when well-executed on trusted portals such as Cointelegraph and BeInCrypto. Fortunately, we have established relationships with editors, journalists, and media professionals who assist us at zero cost. these connections and collaborations play a crucial role in ensuring the success of our press releases.

The Globalization Workstream was renewed in January 2023, right? All of the files in this Drive folder were posted 2 weeks ago. There are a tonne of folders but barely one file in each. What marketing services, essential graphics and textual content was created in addition to these images by Atlan? Is there a tracking sheet for media assets?

In fact, theres more things to put on that thanks for the heads up heh But if you want a quantified spreadsheet, this may clarify your question:


Again, lovely work by Firebomb, but what did the Globalization workstream add here? These are just PRs but with no additional context as to how each of these PRs improved the product experience and were brought forward by the Globalization team for the efforts of enhancing the impacts of the Globalization team upon the ShapeShift DAO?

I agree that give each PR context might clarify many questions tho. no, they arent random PRs. They re aimed to enhance user experience, most of them are fixes and features. Also, extra PRs are out of firebomb Global WS scope. I see like the Global WS extending its arm and helping the DAO by doing this.

This feels like the initial goal of the Globalization Workstream. However, what is the motivation for this renewal proposal? What work has the Globalization team already undertaken and what work do they feel is still on the table and needs to be completed? Where is the team looking to for the future of the ShapeShift DAO?

this sounds like a good suggestion for formatting the Ideation, thanks!

Wonderful, took all the way till the end of the proposal to understand where the Globalization team is heading towards. Progress. However, what audience have you identified? A global audience? An audience in Russia? In Spain? In Central? What makes the audience you identified the audience for ShapeShift’s Globalization efforts? How will you be working on ShapeShift’s on-ramping promotion? How will you be working on the donations for ShapeShift? What “other topics” will you be focusing on that generate income for the DAO?

Def a good improvement for Specification and thanks for sharing this thoughts during Incubation phase.

Why is the identity of 50,000 MAUs being pursued? What ramp practices will you leverage to promote attaining a 185% growth rate outside the US? What is the current rate of ramping outside the US? Do you know?

Valid questionS. MixPanel looks at Fiat Ramp data (we take into account both the Product and Globalization boards) and Global numbers visible are low. so in addition to trade confirmations, we need these users doing fiat ramp operations - foster fiat ramp practices aims DAO returns over rev share with ramp providers. I also believe that opening up the markets is essential and that’s why we are doing what we can to bring popular payment methods to non-US individuals - currently working together with the OnRamper team to enable Latin American off/ramp stuff. This will also include specific communication within the product, I mean copywriting, CTAs in specific languages…

A dedicated plan for FOXatars with 78 new assets, tasks, traits and campaigns based on levels? I mean, sounds awesome, but what does that mean? How many assets do you have now, 423? So you want to make another 78 to have 501? Why do you feel that having 501 assets for an NFT collection is the move? Have you thought about removing assets? What about creating dynamic assets that can make the production of assets more efficient? Have you thought about the time this will take Atlan to create?

The new proposal for FOXatar carry out new launches with fresh assets packages between 30-45 days… By establishing these timeframes, we can leverage marketing efforts to engage our networks and promote these releases. Focusing our own collection with new narratives around it encourages new mints, fresh leads and bring users to the platform - the endgame

Establishing a global donor user base? Sounds awesome but what exactly is that? What does a global user donor base look like for ShapeShift? Do you think this is something that falls only under the purview of the Globalization team? Do you think that the US users do not donate?

Before ShapeShift… i was working within some international NGOs between Brazil and Austria, so i would love to put my experience and build a friendraising experience that drives people with donor profile to the DAO. In fact, the donor profile is something that maybe we are missing out, theres people who like to donate and some people simply doesnt. Engage the donor profile might be a good bet and we are giving our first steps, however, we should be creative: it requires from a new narrative for social communications/focused campaigns to donor experiences in order to guarantee the customer cycle (the classic CRM thing). Should we dump the donors base, try to identify their countries, reward them and run this massively on socials? If it also makes sense then lets for it! I also love the idea of a public brainstorm gathering interested WS leaders and the community to talk about Fundraising.

What do you plan to accomplish from these internal syncs with relation to the new goals? Have you thought about creating a meeting cadence to accomplish the 50,000 MAU number, the leveraging of ramp practices, the dedicated plan for FOXatars, or the global user donor base task? Have you named responsibile parties or perhaps named responsibilities to individual workstream members for the purposes of accomplishing these goals going forward? Reporting on data from MixPanel is awesome but I haven’t seen any explanation of data. No stances have been taken by the Globalization team. It’s a lot of wishy washy waste even if its “only $18k”. As I said before, being lean for the sake of being lean is a fools errand. You have to justify costs and understand ROI. I don’t think the Globalization team has done their due diligence within this proposal.

I usually bring our work to light in Office Hours, but I agree that new dialogues can be opened as mentioned earlier about Fundraising. Despite studies on Mixpanel, I also agree that we can expand/amplify information and relate user spikes for example. Thanks!

ROI is important and essential, I 100% agree. But on what timeframe? If we are working with a long term view - which would be ideal - then the Globalization ROI process is happening, the international market will always bring opportunity for everyone. ROI is another shared responsibility imo. It involves the final experience of the product and we cannot put the weight of a 1:1 ROI on Globalization, which is not a marketing workstream, nor a product ws.

I appreciate your questions and I’m sure we can make this proposal even better. This is a moment of collective construction where everyone’s feedback counts a lot, Incubation text should be polished before Ideation and SCP! Ill take the time to address your last post on this message (https://forum.shapeshift.com/landing?method=share&thread=incubation-proposal-to-renew-globalization-ws-q3-q4-44939&refer_id=28235&post=1958851): those are really good points and we def will give this proposal all rooms for improvements. Thanks again!

˜˜ TheSmith