(Incubation) Vote for new TMDC Member

As explained in this incubation post: https://forum.shapeshift.com/thread/incubation-tmdc-revisions-summer-2023-45396, @jonisjon is stepping off the committee. This is to vote for who should replace @jonisjon on the committee.

Here is a written summary from each candidate on why they think they would do a good job on the committee:


I joined ShapeShift DAO in 2021, initially only as a French translator. My role evolved into more of a DevOps contributor for that Workstream while still providing translations. I’m also part of the Rewards (pre-)Committee and active in many cross-Workstream areas of the DAO which gives me a broad overview of the DAO’s activities. Prior to this I owned and ran a small business providing IT development services for over a decade.

I regularly participate in Tokenomics and TMDC calls by sharing my perspective/experiences in this space and I’ve also learned a lot from the fine people who take part in these calls. I’ve been in crypto since 2016, I’m very curious about new protocols, platforms, and financial tools built in this space. I’m by no means a professional trader, I’m a firm believer of “time in the market beats timing the market” and I have a rather conservative approach to investments personally (generally risk adverse, if we can say this for anyone in crypto).

I strongly believe our treasury should be actively diversified and not just in stablecoins even if they are an obvious operational priority. Most of our DAO’s activity revolves around Ethereum/EVMs/Cosmos but I believe our DAO should hold more Ether for the yield opportunities with Proof-of-Stake staking, and bitcoins because of its sound money properties (so preferably not wrapped on another blockchain for the same reason). I’ve mentioned this on occasion during Tokenomics/TMDC calls so if I’m chosen by FOX holders as a new member of the TMDC, I will attempt to bring these points up in a more serious manner during our discussions.

Lastly, since this has been brought up when I’ve shown my interest in joining the TMDC as something that might make communication harder with the Committee, it should be taken into account that I’m only able to participate in voice calls as a listener and I will give my input through text messages (chat/forum/votes). I have not experienced any big issue in my other DAO responsibilities because of it, but I think it’s relevant to mention this fact for an informed vote.


I believe that I bring a different viewpoint to the discussions. I am not a Tokenomics guru, but rather a basic user who has taught myself everything about crypto. I have tried everything from mining back in 2014 to long holding and spot trading, experiencing both successes and failures. Through this, I have been able to get my life out of debt and into a positive state.

My outlook is more risk-tolerant than others that I have listened to. I am in favor of using our non-stable treasury into different percentage-bearing directions. If we can use the positions displayed on our site to our collective advantage, I think that we should, while keeping in mind all of the possible risks of each move.

It seems that my idea of setting up a list for pairs/tokens to deposit into is shared with the outgoing member. However, I am not sure if my skillset is up to this challenge. I believe that the other candidates have strong positions in their respective views, and either of them would be great additions to the TMDC.

I will attend almost every meeting, whether I am a voting member or just an advisor. A “Yes” for me will allow me to vote on the choices, while a “No” will not prevent me from attending or voicing my opinions and thoughts.


With a proven track record building in DeFi and a keen understanding of tokenomics, i humbly submit my application as a co chair of the TMDC.

I bring significant experience in decentralized governance. For example At MakerDAO I received 10,000 MKR delegated from at max 11 delegators. As a financial steward, I have evaluated budgets, allocating a substantial amount of DAI (32 million worth), ensuring a cautious and deliberate approach to treasury management. A highlight included my involvement in a working group has also contributed to bringing in a 2% yield from Gemini with $500 million AUM, showcasing my ability to optimize financial outcomes. My 100% communication and impressive 98.99% participation rate exemplify my dedication to transparent and active engagement, that and like almost 400 votes.

Additionally, my expertise in token and governance mechanics and project evaluation (from positions at Compound Finance, OKcoin, Maker, and Rabbithole) positions me as a valuable asset in shaping a new paradigm of ShapeShift’s treasury management. I am driven to help create a risk framework that we eventually automate, allowing the DAO to move past narrative-driven decisions and objectively recommend capital management strategies that preserve and eventually supplement & lengthen the runway.

Moreover, I have a distinct passion for token mechanics and am enthusiastic about exploring value accrual mechanisms or even stewarding entirely new programs to bring value to FOX token holders. By fostering innovation and funding promising projects, I aim to contribute to the growth and success of the ShapeShift ecosystem.

This post is actually an Incubation post, not an Ideation post.

Thanks for putting this together and all the work you’ve done for the TMDC! Sorry to see you leave but I’m sure Arkeo will benefit from your increased focus.

I’m glad to be in this small race, based on these descriptions, my previous knowledge of GK and FBL through our collaborations in the DAO, and the answers in the last Tokenomics call whoever wins will be a good match for the TMDC and for our DAO!

I think all three contributors would be great candidates. Can I vote for them all and increase the size of the committee to 7?

Your the 2nd or 3rd person to say 7. I dont think it was on the radar to even discuss that.

To clarify a statement made in voice. (I would not vote for myself during this period) if i vote, I think i would skew the want of the DAO too much for this. (i’ll still vote in snapshot normally etc) just not when it comes to myself. I might vote in favor of one of the other candidates however. My thought to putting in my name at all, was to make sure that this group continued to have at least 5 seats filled. At the time, there was only 1 maybe. now there is positive response for 2 alternatives, i feel reassured.

Heh, I don’t think you should “disqualify” yourself by voting for others like this, you’d be a great choice too for the TMDC and the DAO, but it’s obviously up to you.

My vote wouldn’t skew the poll as much as yours but I’ll personally abstain, then again it’s everyone’s right (dare I say duty) to vote for whoever they think will benefit the DAO the most and that can include oneself too, no shame in this :smiley:

Sweet! congrats @0xFBL ! (forgot to check this last night)