Is an anon mode helpful for ShapeShift?

I have been researching how DAOs make decisions and I am curious about anonymity. Since this feature is possible on discourse and is easy to enable:

  1. Have we considered enabling it here
  2. If yes, why, if not, why not?

My thesis is that optional anonymity would allow users to communicate candidly without needing to create a throwaway account, and would love your feedback on this.


Iā€™m all for it, @skyfoxx.

IMO, if some users are currently creating throwaway accounts to feel more comfortable expressing their ideas on the forum, then the need has already demonstrated itself. If adding a provision to enable anonymity stimulates more forum discussion, then I think the community will be better for it.


Im ok with it. Depends on how its handled by discourse ofc. Atm we have an anon form that can be used, and has in the past.
Some accountability however, as a scammer can then easily setup a fake account and post without repercussions? that would be my worry. maybe link me to the discourse setup for it and ill read it, Im thinking they thought of that.