A DAO Community Member Perspective

A DAO Community Member Perspective

As a personal take on some thoughts and topics that are posted for comment, contradiction or even continued conversation.

Hello fellow ShapeShift community members and possible interested parties, I wanted to take some time and compose some of my thoughts for others to digest and dissect if so desired. I can see value in continued conversation and discussion on many topics that can and do involve our (the ShapeShift) DAO and being the New Year and the closing of the pervious centralized organization. This could be a good time? My time and interactions have been brief with the community and the genesis members of the DAO, so please do not take my ignorance of the unknown as a personal offence.

The DAO’s Product:

As an overall encompassing container The DAO itself. I envision the DAO as the primary product and the attributes, goals, and vision that this provides. How does this work? The DAO can mold the possibilities and ability

  • of the many plausible outcomes that affect the interactions of individuals within our desired spheres of influence. I personally don’t envision that it is the responsibility of the DAO to determine these outcomes, but rather provide the tools and resource that allows for the individual to reach personal outcomes. A caveat here would be that we are dedicated to providing a safe and informed environment. So as such the platform or means that this is achieved i.e. the app isn’t a product but a resource for individuals to create outcomes. The DAO creates opportunity providing a means; to create wealth, gain financial independence, or even change the world. This presents in almost infinite forms and variety in this medium alone, Defi, exchange of assets, liquidity of funds, on/off ramping, cross chain interactivity and of coarse the participation of activities we choose to reward to list a few. As a DAO we also have the ability to mold and build relationships that create additional opportunity that we can choose to share or use to continue to build resource and further spheres of influence. One other thought I would share is the plausibility as a product the DAO has the ability to shape and influence through example how traditional organizations have the ability to choose to become something different. I personally have an affinity to this as a strong product offering, being what brought me back to the ShapeShift community as it chose to reach for something never achieved. In sharing these thoughts I understand that it can require a shift or adjustment of how certain teams approach the tasks at hand but I do feel that the value presents more opportunity than that of a version of concept that we have a wallet or app that we need to monetize through a new and reoccurring userbase. A common (all be it very simplified here) problem businesses face is that once they have a product and or suite the focus and effort becomes how to keep this a continuing income source, vs a startup or innovator that tends to focus more purely on creating new opportunity and generates demand through opportunity. Established products then often shift focus and a bulk of organizational resources to a how best can they support that individual effort on that particular product. I know that my definition of what the ShapeShift product is can differ and I am not pointing to right or wrong, but can say that I do see flashes of the traditional established product often in play and wanted the opportunity to comment and open up communication to how this aligns with the DAO goals and objectives.
  • To provide a slight example as a possible reflection point. The discussion of analytics tracking and deemed importance of plausible directing users to predetermined outcomes. Of coarse being that my stance is, I believe we are providing a ways and means offering a “a la cart” crypto experience. One that offers education, security, while looking to help find ways of creating opportunity and generating ability. I am not a large current proponent of deterministic analytics driving the DAO. As a product the DAO itself should be able to provide viable feedback and health checks to the well being of the community. I of coarse understand the divergence of the two different platform offerings and individuals opting in to provide product feedback, but as stated that is with the assumption that the DAO product is the application vs the DAO itself.
  • Opinions can differ but as a product (the DAO) I can see benefits to focal shift to having the greatest assets the contributors, developing and building the best processes to ensure these assets are grown, protected and empowered to bring innovation to the community and the global market. This is not heard of or new, many traditional orgs have placed the company and it’s members as a product and a few have gained success in doing so.

I would leave this post with the hopes of others thoughts or conversation to the DAO’s ability or even desire to find value in this perspective, knowing that as a community communication isn’t always conformity. Thank you for your valued time and effort of reading my thoughts.

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