Moderation Workstream Renewal Initial outline


The Community Moderation Workstream is primarily responsible to support the community and to maintain the integrity of all ShapeShift various platforms such as Discord, The Forum, and Notion. Future platforms that the community chooses to implement may also be included. This workstream is used daily to ensure the smooth operation of the ShapeShift DAO.

This proposal is to renew the Moderation Workstream, re-elect Giantkin as leader and fund the workstream through the end of June 2023.

Total Ask is $11600/m


No other Proposals past/future are to affect this proposal.

During the proposal run, if at any time Moderation lead needs to leave (or be asked to leave)

the Leaders group can force vote out the Moderation lead (or put leader on hold). No other method.

  • Temp position given to other mod members, number 2 first would be put in ‘charge’ until lead returns, or a new lead is voted in.

-Hiring/firing is solely based on the Moderation leads decision. Based on discussions, Total amount for proposal will be listed, without breakdown, in proposal, but in other places instead.


Moderation supports all workstreams and all users within each of the platforms it moderates. As we bring more members into the various platforms, moderators act as so much more than bot managers and spam blockers. Not only do the moderators set up the verification process, they are the point of contact for members having issues with the verification process. They function as the greeters of the DAO, if you will. Our team of moderators clears the path for new members, new contributors and new supporters by facilitating a fluid user experience. Enthusiastic about all things defi and crypto, empowering community members, new and old alike, on their journey to self-empowered entrepreneurism.


The mission of this workstream is simple: to help people. Moderation is the workstream you never knew you needed, but couldn’t live without. From welcoming new users to setting up Zoom calls to managing bots. Moderation is here to support the community. This workstream strives to create a space that fosters security, growth and innovation.

Our team of trustworthy, confident and enthusiastic moderators allows for decentralization of community moderation. This may address the point of preventing accusations of vested interest, since only community elected mods have the power to preserve and maintain the DAO culture.

As the workstream leader, I want to make the user feel like they are able to relax. Users are most likely talking from their home space, home usually means they feel safe. I want to keep that feeling in our group.


Moderators take on wide variety of tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Organize user flow via roles, channels and bots
  • Create and maintain scheduled events in sesh & Discord
  • Provide protection from scammers
  • Warn abusers (strike system established by Giantkin)
  • Providing Discord support
  • Facilitating ‘temps’ for a job, for example, providing the DJ with a role for the event
  • Help maintain and update server images such as avatars, stickers, emojis, etc. (graymachine)
  • Provide moderation support (live when possible) for meetings and community events
  • Drive users to the proper channels
  • Continually monitoring channels, and other server banlists for potential spam/scammers and adding them into our banlist
  • Taking part in Support/Ops triage process by shuttling members requesting support to the proper channels, connecting with self help resources, #support, Zendesk, etc as appropriate
  • Appropriate use of Admin Power by Moderation Workstream Leader
  • Moving Donova from Marketing to Moderation transition for Telegram basic moderation/some repost duties.

What are the goals of this workstream?

  • Provide 12 hour moderation coverage to ShapeShift DAO’s community channels, with the eventual goal to provide 24 hour coverage
  • Proactively ban 90% of scammers/bots that try to sneak into ShapeShift discord
  • Ensure that most community meetings are scheduled on the calendar
  • The Moderation Workstream is successful when you don’t notice that it’s there.
  • Enforce the Code Of Conduct as recently updated, to the best of ability.

During the Jan - June 2022 term, the Moderation Workstream has accomplished the following:

  • Stopped 34 raids (as of the last Allfox in October) (rough handcount)
  • Setup a new user flow for Languages
  • Sustainability updates to server roles and channels
  • Updates to Role Selector
  • Changed Captcha Bots to one that has language options


  • Keeps the discord clear of spammers
  • Limits the Scammers on server


  • Growing member list, growing expense.

Want to get this started. First post is always hardest for me. Mostly copy/pasta from last proposal, with minor edits. (date of coverage - added Donova , shifting/expanding duties, some might not be listed)

Mod Squad does a fantastic job. We are lucky to have you and your team - you have my full support!

ModSquad are all stars and deserve all the flowers and recognition. Thank you all for being so amazing!

Recently banned for ‘posting links’ and ‘harassment’… Never posted a link; maybe she was trying to ban the person that was posting links to a poop singing? And the harassment was because I said ‘disgusting’, which it is. Disgusting a paid position has this much power to abuse.

You posted a link. bot flagged you, 2 mods were looking at your post at the same time. one typed faster than the other, and you got banned. after about 12 min the account was unbanned by pzy, when it was noticed it was legit news, not a scam attempt, just not thought through. Account hasnt posted for 2-3months posting a “AIRDROP” notice, is a flag. over the course since login, few posts. small flag (no biggie)

about 10min later you log in on an alt, and when identified as Dopefish, your told, oh its ok now, sorry. you decide to go negative. so both accounts got temp bans to cool off. pretty straight forward. 1 day on dopefish and 3 days on the alt. (not named here)

we are here to protect the server. sus behavior gets smacked. Mistakes can be made. we correct it after. its happened a few times. Most have been understanding, and moved on. Thats all I can see from it, learn and move forward.


Maybe you can post some screenshots to back up these statements? You talk about transparency in your other post. Don’t worry about blurring the names out, you already mentioned the account, and the mod also had a post in general to make sure everyone knew she banned someone.

  1. I did not post a link. I mentioned UNISWAP and the early NFT company they acquired GENIE. If you go to the GENIE website, it takes you to UNISWAP. FYI, I found Shapeshift through an AIRDROP or Rainfall… Guess it’s not a new thing in crypto. Are all links banned? If she was looking to ban someone from posting links, shouldn’t she remove the singing turd link from our professional discord channel?

  2. In the ticket I opened up on my ‘alt’ account, PzYKaDeLiC, the mod said “the bot BANNED you”. Then just “apologies”. This doesn’t line up with your statement, as being flagged is completely different than a bot actually banning me. Also a little weird she’s in general bragging about banning someone and did not remove it when you say, “it was further investigated”.

  3. No, both of you are incorrect in saying I returned from a 2-3 month break and posted an airdrop message. The last weird large pump FOX token (Nov, 10ish?) I had some friendly banter with several FOX members, Jon was one. I joked that I recently bought some FOX, and people monitored my wallet to buy the same… or something like that. That was about 20 days ago in GENERAL CHAT. 2, or 3 days ago, I started a keepkey support ticket because I can’t access funds in my account. Need to open another request, but cannot. I am in 90% of the twitch streams and over half as many discord calls. Check my poaps, got all those when we did them! But please do post the 2-3 months’ proof! With over 2 years of boosting, my name is ORAGE. My discord age is probably older than anyone in the server, month 2 or sooner to be older. My name is PAID vanity. Clicking my name shows the different groups I follow, THE YEARS IVE BEEN HERE.

  4. I received an unsolicited private message from the mod that BOTH my accounts are PERM BANNED. And that is currently how it stands.

I’m all about moving on, but it starts with owning your mistakes and not lying to cover them. If it was a ‘bot’, then maybe we shouldn’t post gifs to laugh or mock another member’s misfortune. This is a highly unjust ban for a long-time member and as stated in the ticket, this is also a financial loss. I invested early on and bought boosts for the server. This all went away so she can feel a little more powerful. I imagine most people wont value time and money investing in something intangible like the booster role, then again NFTs are a thing.

I mentioned this account, i didnt mention that other one. (i dont recall it)

I do see the jon conversation thing, more about how infrequent you had posted since joining. (im not saying this is a bad thing, just that it is sometimes sus is all) the bot didnt ban you , we get warnings. the bans were manual. its not a perma ban, maybe she wanted to scare you? I didnt see any bragging, tho i didnt look for it. (theres emotes for ban hammers that sometimes we show, if thats what you mean? *edit ya i guess thats what you mean, tho in scrolling back, dont see in the time frame anything about banning, but could be just missing it.

it had nothing to do with power. its all about protection. Mistakes are made. they happen. if you wouldnt have came back in under the alt, you would have seen you were unbanned already.

a few hours from now, the ban is gone.

when we are lenient, scammers get in, and start causing problems. Thats what we focus on.

Edit2* "Uniswap Airdrop is live. If you ever used Genie .xyz. you can get free USDC. ’

is the post that was noticed. again it looked risky, after a few min of investigation, it was reversed. To me, that should be the end of it.

The ultimate goal is to learn from the mistakes and not dwell on them.

Both sides get angry and say things.

I’m not sure why I expected you to be fair. It’s really simple to show screenshots of 99% of what you are saying. The whole, let me type some false information to create and mold a false narrative is extremely tiring.

Why am I the one being punished for clearly the Mod’s team fault or ‘honest error’? I’m already financially affected, losing the money I invested when I joined the server and time. Not to mention the large sum of money locked up and I cannot access, and no access to support because I said 1 word? The word again is not against the TOS.

No, stop; I disagree! I am not a bot, do not look like a bot, and never have. I post MORE than you are giving me credit for, and frankly, your trying to use it to justify the mod’s mistakes is not welcomed. Post screenshots, let’s get some proof. Also, keep in mind if you use commands and bots to do your dirty work, they are sometimes programmed to wipe users’ post history out at the same time. I’ve seen as many as ‘ALL’ messages or just ‘Last 15 messages’. All those messages are easily logged, though if you have properly set up the bot.

You keep mentioning protecting the community and scammers etc… but that’s not the case, a member of the team did 0 investigating and banned me. Then when called out on it, blammed the bot, took 0 responsibility for her or her team’s actions. After I left the conversation, just saying disgusting, nothing toward her, could have been toward this ‘bot’ that banned me… Again, she didn’t look at anything, just saw red and banned me. Then sent me harassing, unwanted, untrue allegations of my posting in discord, and finished it off by saying it’s a perm ban.

How could this all be avoided? Some professionalism from a paid position, ownership, and a lot less lying. When I opened the ticket, would have loved to be able to laugh it off. Unfortunately, because PzYKaDeLiC does not value members, she decided to just lie, blame something other than the actual reason. Is she that childish that she can’t just say “Hey you aren’t very active, so I banned you by accident? I should have done better to verify.” Of course, after, someone could have given me some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Then, only fair, they could have taken some criticism on how banning people is not the only way to protect a community. Especially if it means banning ACTIVE members of the community in the crossfire.

In my next post I will add a screenshot of our paid mod harassing me in DMs because banning me for saying ‘disgusting’ wasn’t enough. It’s absolutely sad that I have to be a victim of this so you guys can practice mod abuse.

Let’s move on as you said, I welcome honest conversation and of course fair conversation. A ban for saying ‘disgusting’ is not fair or just. Frankly, shouldn’t we be looking for mods that have a little thicker skin, and are less distracted, so we limit these unjust bans?

Still, currently, perm banned, can’t access my funds or support.


For the record, ‘harassing staff’ is me just saying “disgusting”. I can think of 50 messages in the last year, so 5 messages is a lie.

The only thing true was the ‘perma ban’ lol

BOT — Today at 12:27 PM [13:27:46] [20224] discourse-post-upload20231125-65354-97e8er.svg PzYKaDeLiCdiscourse-post-upload20231125-65354-wz3m3k.svg#8403 banned Dopefish#0001 (ID:104206248152416256) [ Reason ] uniswap airdrop scammer Vortex BOT — Today at 12:39 PM [13:38:59] [20225] discourse-post-upload20231125-65354-sm2ixn.svg PzYKaDeLiCdiscourse-post-upload20231125-65354-wz3m3k.svg#8403 unbanned Dopefish#0001 (ID:104206248152416256) [ Reason ] verified airdrop not a scam Vortex BOT — Today at 12:52 PM [13:52:21] [20226] discourse-post-upload20231125-65354-97e8er.svg PzYKaDeLiCdiscourse-post-upload20231125-65354-wz3m3k.svg#8403 banned scoops#6860 (ID:782414477290111026) [ Reason ] dopefish alternate [13:52:32] [20227] discourse-post-upload20231125-65354-97e8er.svg PzYKaDeLiCdiscourse-post-upload20231125-65354-wz3m3k.svg

  1. #8403 banned Dopefish#0001 (ID:104206248152416256) [ Reason ] came back with poor attitude harrassing
  2. [
  3. 10:45 PM
  4. ]

start quote Today at 12:47 you banned me? ive been here over 2 years and have been server boosting for over a year I didnt post any links, it was eth chain and crypto related PzYKaDeLiCdiscourse-post-upload20231125-65354-wz3m3k.svg Today at 12:50 If you’re DopeFish you’re okay now. The bot picked up on a potential and I’ve unbanned you based on further insight. scoops Today at 12:50 yea sure PzYKaDeLiCdiscourse-post-upload20231125-65354-wz3m3k.svg

  1. Today at 12:50 Apologies. Yea sure? scoops Today at 12:50 took me a year to get that badge love that you brag about it disgusting (edited)
  2. [
  3. 10:45 PM
  4. ]

again, the ban was removed quickly. for an error. I set the time of one day, to cool things off.

i dont see how you are financiall effected. your able to log in , in a bout an hour (or 2?) To me you acted odd about pzy’s apology about it. it could have been anyone that banned you.

I dont accept DM’s my self for the he/she said stuff.

you can still access your funds. Your wallet isnt tied to the discord server.

(i think you had a kk) there is a support for kk on zendesk if you have a problem with it right now, just hit and go the keepkey route.

Thanks. I will mention no DM’s, and everyone to try not posting angry. It is hard to be thick skinned. My feelings/thoughts/actions are always in battle. So i try to answer as mildly as i can.

Sorry this has come up.

Again you fail to post screenshots statements. What is this format??? Where the LINK I so called posted?

  1. What

I guess I reply to this terrible data dump.

Do you see anywhere where she says sorry for banning me? No, she lied and said the bot did it, . When is bragging about banning a member publicly ever acceptable? You expect people to respond respectfully after banning them falsely, calling them a bot, and bragging about it in general? Yikes.

For the record, I opened a zendesk ticket yesterday, as soon as I said I was using this because I was banned in discord, I have not received any more replies. Gotta wait the 2-3 day reply time now that all discord services were removed because a mod didn’t like my attitude. Again, I am the one at a financial and time loss.

Still perm-banned from discord.

i could have just photo’d it, and posted, but easier to just copy paste.

i see the spot where the apology was stated.

i see the link in there too.

i just checked, the ban isnt there. about 30min ago , but ill double check now.

  1. >>check 104206248152416256

Today at 2:27 PM

discourse-post-upload20231125-65354-g53nw7.webp Moderation Information for Dopefish#0001 (ID:104206248152416256): discourse-post-upload20231125-65354-mm0ckg.svg Strikes: 0 discourse-post-upload20231125-65354-w7hdwi.svg Muted: Not In Server discourse-post-upload20231125-65354-2t9k6i.svg Mute Time Remaining: N/A discourse-post-upload20231125-65354-97e8er.svg Banned: No discourse-post-upload20231125-65354-fhek9u.svg

  1. Ban Time Remaining: N/A

hm quote didnt work like i thought it would.

I am not able to join “Unable to accept invite”… as expected. Judge, jury, and executioner. PzYKaDeliC strikes again.

No proof of the said link I post, no proof of said harassment.

Just ‘Apologies’ is not saying sorry or taking ownership; this is the common English language. We know she was trying to avoid responsibility by blaming the bot. Why do you continue to defend her? If it’s no big deal, own it.

More information has been DM’d to me. Can you confirm/deny PzYKaDeliC is/was someone’s friend or girlfriend? Supposedly this is how she was hired. This person also tried to send me a direct link to the server, not able to join. Do we not employ mods for the server that are qualified? After almost 10 years of discord, this has NEVER happened.

Instead of belittling my complaint of losing money and STATUS (If I ever get back in, I will prob be banned again for being a new account that joined), why not do some research and see what you ruined and what you think is ok behavior for a paid position mod to treat a contributing member.

No help for my KK and stuck funds during this unnecessary mistreatment.

you are blaming ppl randomly. not conducive to being friendly, I am trying to help

. are you logged in on the correct account? having an alt, means making sure correct account. the invite is is the best one.

Dopefish is not on the ban list.

maybe reboot the system your trying to get on. Jump into another server, and check correct account.

Please dont state i am belittling your complaint of losing money. I dont agree with it. the discord server has no bearing/control over your keepkey balance.(or any wallet balance)

Hey @mogie could you help this user out

its more of a discord login thing. first guess is logged in on the alt.