SCP 116 - Nomination of @Hpayne to become the new Marketing Workstream Leader


This proposal is an addendum to [SCP-99] and is a nomination of @Hpayne to become the full-time Marketing Workstream Leader and transition Tyler out of the Interim Marketing Workstream Leader position. The goal of this addendum is to acknowledge the goals and spirit of SCP-99, continue the success of the Marketing Workstream, and expand on its grassroots strategies for user growth and retention without disrupting the speed of the workstream’s development or structure and allow Tyler to return his cycles to the Operations Workstream as his sole DAO focus.


In accordance with SCP-99, Tyler is currently acting as the Interim Workstream Leader until a suitable candidate can be fielded and nominated to assume the full-time Workstream Leader position. Since the passing of SCP-99, The Marketing Workstream successfully pivoted its focus to areas of improvement around data collection, budget organization and resource accountability, refined and repeatable procedures and workflows, strategy funnels, and transparency and collaboration best practices, all through the mindfully restrictive lens of cost vs. impact, revenue generation, and successful austere strategies in the bearest of bear markets. These goals were developed and maintained while also redefining the workstream’s relationship to other workstreams in the DAO and to the overall Marketing strategy with heavy emphasis on engagement, tracking, and collaboration with Engineering, Product, and Operations to develop product based resources and tools for growth.


Getting the Marketing Workstream to the place it is now has required a lot of hard work and collaboration in thoughtful reconsiderations of previous priorities and budget spends, creative workflows, and a lot of slowing down/modifying/shutting down potential time and energy drains in workflow disguise. The team has proven via these methods that you don’t always have to spend money to make money, and in contrast, at a DAO being lean and efficient is truly the best way to provide scalable value. It was discovered that spending money on marketing resources (i.e. paid ads, influencers, etc) has less direct correlation to our engagement numbers than timely tweets, market conditions, or topical crypto events we can utilize in our lean content engine without additional spend.

Tyler has been splitting his time between the Operations and Marketing Workstreams. Over time it has proven that both of these jobs have enough responsibility and requirements for success that they cannot be held in tandem by one person without eventually holding back the potential success of one or both of the workstreams. The nomination of a new fulltime leader now while SCP-99 still has 2 months of budgeted funding allows a new Leader some time in the role before being required to draft up a new proposal for future funding of the Workstream.

The search for a new fulltime leader of the Workstream has proven to have a number of previously undefined drawbacks from the previous presentation of the search in SCP-99 that has led Tyler to prefer a hire from within; 1. The bear market and recent instability in the presentation of trust in the crypto market has made the position + DAO uncertainty even less appetizing to an outsider and may require additional compensation to qualified applicants the DAO is not interested in providing for the role. 2. Having a new external contributor requires a massive learning curve and blind buy-in in: organizational administration, restricted resources, lean DAO and DAO governance culture among other DAO common practices and could present a flight risk upon inheriting and being overwhelmed by the requirements of navigating success at the DAO. 3. A new leader requiring another ground-up rebuild of the Workstream’s strategy that could again cost time and money and be yet another reset on the clock of accountability in Marketing. 4. An outsider may require a longer observation and analysis period before feeling comfortable in executing strategies and could burn beyond what the DAO has allotted left in funding for the Marketing Workstream before being able to assert their influence or practices.

In response to those unforeseen additional complications to an additional new hire coming in at the top level to continue to steer the Marketing Workstream, Tyler found it best to avert those problems and nominate the position to a current contributor who can address any issues arisen with bringing a stranger in to such a high ranking and important role at such a pivotal time. The current Marketing Workstream has shown unanimous support and agreement in Tyler’s nomination of Hpayne to become the new full time leader.

Hpayne has proven with his diligence, passion, collaborative spirit, willingness to learn, obsession with data, and continually building body of work at the DAO in the processes and content he leads and orchestrates that he is more than capable of leading this Workstream to continued success and encouraging responsible growth, content, and acquisition strategies for the Marketing Workstream as it’s new full time leader. He has been a pleasure to work alongside since Tyler joined the workstream and has instilled the utmost confidence that he is more than capable of leading the DAO’s marketing efforts successfully.


This proposal addendum identifies Hpayne as the new full-time Marketing Workstream Leader. Tyler will transition all Workstream Leader responsibilities as outlined in [SCP-92] for the Marketing Workstream to Hpayne upon the passing of this nomination in proposal form. Upon a successful transition of roles, responsibilities, and permissions, Tyler will resume full focus back to the Operations Workstream Leader position as his sole contributing role at the DAO.

This proposal does not increase the current Marketing Workstream term which is budgeted through the end of January 2023. The Goals and KPIs of the Marketing Workstream are to be reassessed post DAO Pow Wow and presented to the community.

Budget: image

Benefits: This proposal allows the Marketing Workstream to identify a full-time Workstream Leader that has Marketing and DAO experience and context for the resources and requirements for success in this environment. This internal nomination allows the current workstream to build off of their current successes with no downtime or change in best practices.

Drawbacks: An internal nomination further reduces the cycles available in a small team with @Hpayne taking on Leader responsibilities on top of his current role and may require additional resources or delegation to maintain obligations.