[SCP-95] Proposal to consolidate the current Global Workstream & LatAm workflows into Globalization Workstream [Official ideation]

Summary: This is a proposal to consolidate the ShapeShift Latam & Globalization Workstream into one unified workstream/workflow while funding the new workstream, and establishing as workstream leader.

Abstract: Interacting with individuals/communities and expanding to new regions is the path to decentralization, app user/community growth, exchanging experiences and creating structures together. The Global Workstream will build bridges between communities around the world, empowering people and communities who adopt ShapeShift DAO, and furthermore make strategic plans in partnership with DAO leaders/workflows. This means it will operate 100% in line with DAO ethos to communicate with a multilingual global audience, building a broader audience and increasing our potential revenue sources.

Verifiable (and successful) metrics in Portuguese and Spanish:

On-chain Marketing: Introduced in the early stages of the Latam team, it considered strategies such as Blue Ocean to scale content in social blockchains and promote true brand recognition in a segmented audience, which already speaks our digital language. With a guerrilla bias and little budget, the incursions were successful, today the present team manages tokenized communities: Hive Chain in Spanish, Odysee Community in Spanish, Odysee Brazil, Mirror.xyz

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Social: We are on the surface with a busy Brazilian Twitter which brings important followers/networking and has shown explosive organic growth. Previous strategies have also been successfully applied on Linkedin

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Huge networking in Latin America: We have reliable partners in our personal circle, which keeps ShapeShift at a high level among the big players in Brazil. Our experience with logistics and activations

  • adds up to decades of work among the leadership of this workstream.

Events: Our 2022 event schedule is busy so far, we started at Ethereum Rio as participants and ended up on the main stage speaking about the power of private key. Right after Ethereum Rio we realized that we could sponsor events and an official action was taken on the IX Bitcoin in São Paulo. We are also the core team that organizes NFT.rio, the biggest crypto event in Brazil at the moment. ShapeShift was there at $0 cost. Read more

DAO’s translation flow: The team will operate WeGlot tool- provided by the Foundation - for website translations. The Global guild has just established a flow to operate Gitlocalize and perform translations at app.shapeshift.com. Read the

Motivation: The goal of creating and maintaining an exceptionally capable and diverse community/contributor-base is essential in the pursuit of increasing app usage and revenue sources while providing value to the entirety of the increasingly globalized economy. As the ShapeShift DAO’s Latam team’s leader, has provided not only an ability in providing value in Latam operations, but in expansion and support in Globalization workflow since the inception of the Globalization workstream ( was one of the first contributors to that workstream, prior to Latam being established by and in a grassroots effort). With long-list of value proposition as an individual including but not limited to his professionalism, technical ability/comprehension, energy, and effective marketing efforts, establishing him as the new Globalization Workstream leader will provide unparalleled value addition for ShapeShift DAO and those that work within his workstream.

Specification: This proposal establishes the Globalization workstream for a term of 6 months starting 15th/august. This proposal passing the governance migrates the Latam team’s current leader () into the position of Globalization Workstream leader while furthermore making globalization co-leader & an advisor for the new workstream (for a period of 3 months). Further, this proposal passing provides that the following budget is approved for use by the newly elected Globalization Workstream: Latam Budget 7/21 - Google Sheets


Grow .com’s traffic in 50% in - at least - two new countries.

Maintain and promote the social media in Web3 and Web2 that has already been worked on: Hive Chain in Spanish, Odysee Community in Spanish, Odysee Brazil, Twitter Brazil

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  • Establish and maintain the Spanish Twitter account. Reach 3k followers on Brazilian Twitter.

Maintain the Brazilian Independent Newsletter on Mirror.xyz

  • keeping dense content there.
  • Simultaneous work with Marketing boosting ShapeShift’s content in - at least - two different languages. Portuguese and Spanish are masterized, experimenting french.
  • Find translation demands for ShapeShift products and improve communication/information regarding globalization needs/gaps in strategy.

Promote internal Bounties using

Benefits: The team is multidisciplinary, scalable, being able to interact with other WS, flows and projects. It has built a solid network over the last few months with marketing activations, field research - global events have been a core business beyond Discord and social media.

Drawbacks: This workstream will cost the DAO money, however all contributors within the workstream have agreed to take 50%+ of compensation in FOX (between Hedgey FOX and unlocked FOX).


So awesome i hope this proposal get a power up tô shapeshift fox :fox_face:2764

I’m a yes vote here. I appreciate the frequency of action I’ve seen from this team and “boots on the ground” in these areas is essential to building our relevancy worldwide. i do look forward to how closely you’ll work with marketing as the relationship is no doubt closely related. i’m also in support of you as the leader and am happy will be advising the team to get this off the ground. LFG and keep building our audience! ShapeShift’s brand is so strong, I wish we had a Latam team during the centralized days 1f603

Hey, FOX fam! The Global Workstream proposal is live (that’s my 1st proposal!)

I really appreciate all the community support, if you have any questions i’ll be happy to answer