[SCP-TBD] Proposal to consolidate the current Global Workstream & LatAm workflows into Globalization Workstream

Summary: This is a proposal to consolidate the ShapeShift Latam & Globalization Workstream into one unified workstream/workflow while funding the new workstream, and establishing as workstream leader.

Abstract: Interacting with individuals/communities and expanding to new regions is the path to decentralization, app user/community growth, exchanging experiences and creating structures together. The Global Workstream will build bridges between communities around the world, empowering people and communities who adopt ShapeShift DAO, and furthermore make strategic plans in partnership with DAO leaders/workflows. This means it will operate 100% in line with DAO ethos to communicate with a multilingual global audience, building a broader audience and increasing our potential revenue sources.

Verifiable (and successful) metrics in Portuguese and Spanish:

On-chain Marketing: Introduced in the early stages of the Latam team, it considered strategies such as Blue Ocean to scale content in social blockchains and promote true brand recognition in a segmented audience, which already speaks our digital language. With a guerrilla bias and little budget, the incursions were successful, today the present team manages tokenized communities: Hive Chain in Spanish, Odysee Community in Spanish, Odysee Brazil, Mirror.xyz

  • .

Social: We are on the surface with a busy Brazilian Twitter which brings important followers/networking and has shown explosive organic growth. Previous strategies have also been successfully applied on Linkedin

  • .

Huge networking in Latin America: We have reliable partners in our personal circle, which keeps ShapeShift at a high level among the big players in Brazil. Our experience with logistics and activations

  • adds up to decades of work among the leadership of this workstream.

Events: Our 2022 event schedule is busy so far, we started at Ethereum Rio as participants and ended up on the main stage speaking about the power of private key. Right after Ethereum Rio we realized that we could sponsor events and an official action was taken on the IX Bitcoin in São Paulo. We are also the core team that organizes NFT.rio, the biggest crypto event in Brazil at the moment. ShapeShift was there at $0 cost. Read more

DAO’s translation flow: The team will operate WeGlot tool- provided by the Foundation - for website translations. The Global guild has just established a flow to operate Gitlocalize and perform translations at app.shapeshift.com. Read the

Motivation: The goal of creating and maintaining an exceptionally capable and diverse community/contributor-base is essential in the pursuit of increasing app usage and revenue sources while providing value to the entirety of the increasingly globalized economy. As the ShapeShift DAO’s Latam team’s leader, has provided not only an ability in providing value in Latam operations, but in expansion and support in Globalization workflow since the inception of the Globalization workstream ( was one of the first contributors to that workstream, prior to Latam being established by and in a grassroots effort). With long-list of value proposition as an individual including but not limited to his professionalism, technical ability/comprehension, energy, and effective marketing efforts, establishing him as the new Globalization Workstream leader will provide unparalleled value addition for ShapeShift DAO and those that work within his workstream.

Specification: This proposal establishes the Globalization workstream for a term of 6 months. This proposal passing the governance migrates the Latam team’s current leader () into the position of Globalization Workstream leader while furthermore making globalization co-leader & an advisor for the new workstream (for a period of 3 months). Further, this proposal passing provides that the following budget is approved for use by the newly elected Globalization Workstream: Latam Budget 7/21 - Google Sheets


Grow .com’s traffic in 50% in - at least - two new countries.

Maintain and promote the social media in Web3 and Web2 that has already been worked on: Hive Chain in Spanish, Odysee Community in Spanish, Odysee Brazil, Twitter Brazil

  • .
  • Establish and maintain the Spanish Twitter account. Reach 3k followers on Brazilian Twitter.

Maintain the Brazilian Independent Newsletter on Mirror.xyz

  • keeping dense content there.
  • Simultaneous work with Marketing boosting ShapeShift’s content in - at least - two different languages. Portuguese and Spanish are masterized, experimenting french.
  • Find translation demands for ShapeShift products and improve communication/information regarding globalization needs/gaps in strategy.

Promote internal Bounties using

Benefits: The team is multidisciplinary, scalable, being able to interact with other WS, flows and projects. It has built a solid network over the last few months with marketing activations, field research - global events have been a core business beyond Discord and social media.

Drawbacks: This workstream will cost the DAO money, however all contributors within the workstream have agreed to take 50%+ of compensation in FOX (between Hedgey FOX and unlocked FOX).

discourse-post-upload20231125-65354-a7vnjo.pngProposal to consolidate current Marketing, Growth & Globalization Workstream

I was reading a bit, and I appreciate the considerations that have been taken with the cuts, for all the situations that are taking place I have had a certain enthusiasm with the LaTam guys and they have done a great job in the last few months, so in case of having a new WS would have my support, but I would like to have an understanding of the positions within LaTam, in the link shown above in the budget, there are some that can be clearly understood, copywriter, growth, but what is the job o…

As a great supporter and vigilant of what latam has been doing, I would like these answers, salaries need justification in / work, contribute to the dao

Hello, ! I really appreciate your thoughts and support.

The LatAm team is notoriously known for its cost/benefit, some contributors come from past Workstreams (Globalization past period) so this proposal reinforces the positions that are already worked and show performance.

Each Global contributor decentralized an entire processes and have been running by himself, following a team workflow.

have been performing an awesome job nurturing our socials with his dense database in Mirror.xyz/foxbrasil.eth, being the main Brazilian Twitter copywriter alongside me.

simply coordinated the app.shapeshift.com translations with LPX and have been helping me with incredible guidelines, always aiming at a legacy for the entire organization: Globalization Workstream - Gitlocalize / Github Documentation - Google Docs

working in social blockchains and made ShapeShift a success case in Hive Chain and Odysee. Also building and proposing new organic growth strategies for Twitter en Español. That’s a true growth hacking job.

Rohek plays a key role in fulfilling on-demand orders for Web3 socials designs and have been coordinating and the spanish, french and portuguese official newsletter with Figma.

We both worked together on the previous Globalization Workstream and started the DAO translation process, Latam’s Hackmd repository is an example with over 50+ articles translated into Spanish. We want more than sober translators but passionate FOXes and JP fits this role.

What can I say… He’s a superstar. The networking that Vlad brought is huge and is worth more than a lot of marketing action, I would go on saying his achievements but it is important to reinforce the co-leadership spectrum exercised by Vlad in LatAm (and whole ShapeShift), we’ve been working side by side in Brazil from travelling together on behalf of ShapeShift to main stage speechs in notorious Brazilian events.

This team has been nurturing and working on solid processes that ensure less friction in DAO’s communication as well performing OOH marketing. it’s quite a nice combo. Furthermore, i’m 100% sure that nothing would be possible without this team. Regarding my compensation, I’m considering fulltime dedication and 24h/7 if necessary in critical operations (as always done). I also believe the sum of salaries is a very fair point, the entire global team salaries sum 18k (without it’s advisor - who will work for 3 months in a 6-month proposal). I’m talking about the cost of 6 people that add up - sometimes - the salary of 2 people.

Hope I clarified your doubts about the job description and team performance topics, that’s my first official proposal applying as a leader so I am here willing to answer questions. Feel free to suggest and speak your mind 1f642

With more specific roles we can have a better understanding of their cost/benefit, the decision was made to finish the job globally, it still has its potential but needs to be polished in the way of inheriting a user like @jpnam, there should not be a readjustment of Salary based on your contribution.

say wooh, the work done by vlad and smith in ethrio, it’s amazing, mrbear has been in the accounts I remember once mentioning 17k views in a month, rohek’s works are appreciated in terms of quality, but it seems excessive 2500 per a translator, perhaps a more in-depth adjustment would be good, something like price per word? I mention it because in terms of cost/benefit I feel that it is somewhat disproportionate.

I do not think that the root should be cut , but pruning it is no longer a GCA job , and the cuts happen here and there , many things are thought

(post deleted by author)

Gm. This are all valid observations, hope I can clarify them.

I started working as a translator with LPX. Our original plan was to create a different platform where users could have access to valuable information about ShapeShift before and after decentralization. This was all before LatAm existed.

After the creation of LatAm I have been working on:

Helping build a repository of documents that are published on our socials. You can Check the full repo here

  • . This is where all our social content is published before it goes on our social. It is updated frequently.

As with other languages, I have helped translate app.shapeshift.com

  • to native Spanish. Anyone using an IP from a Spanish speaking country has access to a fully translated page in native Spanish. After LPX left, @firebomb has been in charge of adding updates to gitlocalize. I translate them to Spanish and create a pull request.

I have translated most of the Spanish articles in lobby.so. This is my [wallet address] (https://0xE06E37D9E57d0886a512484357c1DDB9c6F30C5f

  • ) to verify. Lobby is one of the greatest decentralized platforms where information about ShapeShift is publicly available.

We conduct Spanish community calls every two weeks. We have to coordinate the subject prior to the date with @rohek and

  • . Glad if more people could join, it would improve our ratings. Last week we had a proposal from a user to have regular AMAs with Telegram and Discord Spanish crypto communities that have more then 2k users. We are actually structuring a plan to carry it out.

Just launched our Spanish Twitter

  • . We plan on having new tweets frequently on a daily basis, plus we will have support for questions or comments as soon as possible. I am part of the team that is in charge. Being able to provide replies around the clock will not be easy, plus creating new material for the posts will require time.

Marketing and Product work together on new releases. Our content production roadmap on notion

  • has articles that will be published on twitter and other socials. I am in charge of translating and sending them to be publish on hive.

I am in charge of translating and publishing Weekly, Governance and Monthly Newsletters on Forum. We have published more than 50. Glad if you could check them out here (Español - ShapeShift DAO

  • )

As a FOX holder and DAO member I agree that our ultimate goal is ShapeShift’s success. If the community decides I am willing to take a pay cut or even end my GCA position when the current accepted proposal ends. I will still support the DAO in any way I can.

I am open to any more questions or comments. Hope I can answer them. My best regards

I fully support this proposal.

Im agree with the proposal and I do not want this to be seen as " an attack " but as a circumstance , around the ecosystem that has been presented lately , I do not take into account its cut as I mentioned but rather a reduction or a reconstruction of its tasks for the dao.

You can also reconsider the salary, best wishes.

In the same way, I think that everyone in the dao takes into account your great contributions, and you were rewarded in proportion to that, but as I mentioned, the work of Globa has been completed and a gca position should be reconsidered.

discourse-post-upload20231125-65354-a7vnjo.png Nosey:

but as I mentioned, the work of Globa has been completed

It’s a continuous process, there is a repeated need for translations for content coming from the Marketing, Engineering and Product Workstreams. When the DAO will have “completed” these other tasks or if it stopped considering global outreach as useful, then maybe you could call our efforts “completed”. With this word you are also not accounting for the work the same people do to continue to build and maintain the outreach to our global communities.

Your suggestion to use on-call and “per word” translators with at best surface level knowledge of our product and our marketing could be “cheaper”, but the quality of those translations will likely be lower and might very well miss the target compared to in-house workers who are involved in the DAO.

When I say “could be cheaper”, we can do some napkin math, the cost of a professional translator for technical material is about $0.16-0.20/word (for common languages). Even if that $2500 figure was purely translations (and it’s really not as outlined in his summary), using the lower bound of this rate would mean 15,625 words for a whole month per language.

You can browse shapeshift.com’s News Room/Library/Newsletters (and add the flow of new/updated strings from the app) and check the length of the English content translated on a monthly basis, it’s safe to say we far exceed this per language.

So, the DAO is actually getting pretty inexpensive labor when it comes to translations currently. If your point is to cut this down some more and just use bounties, you will just end up with either no more translations for certain languages and/or low quality and quantity translations for the rest. I don’t think it would be a wise choice for our DAO.

Bounties can be used sparingly though, there are such plans for translations in languages our WS (in conjunction with Marketing) do not deem as a priority. But the problems I’ve mention about using bounties for translations (price and quality) remain valid, which is why they are not the method we use for markets we really want to actively reach for growth.

TL;DR; The human resources the DAO pays for these tasks is not as disposable as you may seem to think and they are already underpaid based on the industry standards.

I do not want this to be seen as " an attack " but as a circumstance

As I mentioned, the team is multifunctional, jpanam doesn’t just act as a translator for being a person with experience in the organization and in blockchain, he also works favorably in several areas of the Global Workstream assuming pro-activity and punctuality. Everyone in Global Team plays more than one role and even decentralizes processes by themselves, this became very clear to the organization during our stay. If I’m saying he helps me with information and process building, it means he’s more than a translator.

You can also reconsider the salary, best wishes.

I see no reason to salary reduction of a team that has been showing exponential growth and performance. Plus, the translator’s/language leaders job description in our Workstream goes further, we do expect passionate FOXes with a hands-on profile.

That’s not the place to discuss a contributor’s destiny imo.

the work of Globa has been completed and a gca position should be reconsidered.

Global’s work was not complete, the previous management still has processes in progress and we hope to continue even better. We are still building -opensourced solutions that impacts the whole DAO, such as the Gitlocalize translation flow 100% dedicated to Application translation: Globalization Workstream - Gitlocalize / Github Documentation - Google Docs . When I refer to GCA I mean that it was a solid program that applied tests to be sure of the candidate’s proficiency and origin. Like me, the person who proposes the leadership of this workstream, he also passed the same tests.

DAOs are about coordination and trust. We hope to continue our work by adding more goals in a greater plan, elevating Latam framework to a Global Workstream.

hope I answered your Q’s, .

KInd regards,


I fully support this proposal. The results of this team are undeniable, and their salaries are quite low when compared to other streams. Nitpicking their salaries in light of their incredible dedication is unwarranted, IMO, when they are really making a significant difference for the DAO. We need to increase app usage, brand awareness, and site traffic, and their activities are significantly contributing in a large region of our world. It’s important to remember that we aren’t an NA company–we would happily take users wherever they reside. Kudos to this team for their dedication and partnership, and they have my full support.

I’m in full support of this proposal of create and consolidate a globalization workstream led by .

The stream would be small, agile, a low budget request with a high output of success. The team has already shown great success underneath the M&G workstream and I think it’s time for them to branch off and continue to provide excellent talent in marketing to different regions of the world with great opportunity for new user growth/ acquisition for the DAO.

Thanks for working on this proposal , I’m in full support of this, however, I am curious about the role of the advisor.

During these 3 months, is the advisor going to be a full-time position? on demand? would you mind breaking down the functions that will be performed during that period and also why there is a monthly wage ratio that high (more that 12 times, I believe) between the advisor monthly retribution and and the lowest monthly retribution for the other contributors?

Go Latam! 1f680

Thanks for making the discussion more transparent, .

Regarding the Advisor role, hunt’s functions have always been fulltime, although it is necessary part time I know him he would remain working. It is important to remember that all this construction was carried out in partnership with him. We have been working in together since the creation of the first Globalization Workstream - which resulted in the LatAm team.

The proposal covers 3 months for Advisor role - in a 6-month term - which guarantees a safe transition of leadership and processes from someone more experienced to a new leadership. That’s why I agreed in keeping his compensation in line with his past experiences at MG Workstream.