[SCP-96] Proposal to Request Funding for Video Post Production


Amadeus Style, a Blockchain Media House, is requesting $5000 worth of FOX (using the Uniswap price as of the date/time this proposal is approved.) or $5000 USDC to complete a series of videos from ETHDenver 2022. (decision of paying in USDC or FOX will be up to the TMDC (treasury management & diversification committee.)


During ETHDenver 2022, Amadeus Style was contracted by ShapeShift to film and edit a considerable amount of videos. These were delivered, paid for, and were very well received by the team and community. Our original proposal (SPC 82) had majority support (88%) but didn’t pass quorum so we wanted to bring it back and this time accept FOX or USDC.

Check out all of our ETHDenver 2022 ShapeShift videos here: Willy - DAO vs LLC | 4k - YouTube

However, there is a considerable amount of amazing footage gathered at ETHDenver that was outside of the scope of the original contract paid for by Marketing and Growth. This proposal is simply to finish editing the rest of this great footage into usable stories and to deliver these assets to ShapeShift. Note that although these are from ETHDenver, the content and stories resonate well outside of the event itself. These are all very usable through the next 6 months and will be a valuable asset for marketing.


Dynamic and engaging video content can be very expensive to produce. Cameras, lighting, audio, logging footage, editing, graphics, etc., are all very costly services to hire out. Currently, we’ve already edited a few videos that were outside of the scope of our last project and we’ve outlined all of the videos that we can create from the remaining footage. Hiring out a new crew to create these videos from scratch could easily cost 5 times the proposed amount. An example of work to be delivered can be seen here: Decentralization for ShapeShift’s Future, to give the community a clear look of the value we’re aiming to bring ShapeShift.

Completing these videos will provide ShapeShift with a myriad of content to help build the growing YouTube channel and provide quality content for social media. The videos selected to edit are based on ShapeShift’s current marketing and communication goals.


Amadeus Style will edit and deliver 12 YouTube videos and 12 social media videos to the Creative Services squad, to be used in conjunction with Marketing and Growth to promote the DAO with video content. Files will be organized into Google Drive folders for delivery. A master doc with notes will be provided for getting the content published.

YouTube Videos - Storied

These videos will include short snippets from all team members’ talks and interviews, edited in order to create a cohesive and compelling argument.

Decentralization for ShapeShift’s Future - 4 mins (already completed)

Becoming a DAO - 2-3 mins

What’s Next For Shapeshift - 2-3 min

Working at a DAO - 2-3 mins

The ShapeShift Community - 2-3 mins

Get involved with a DAO - 2-3 mins

YouTube Videos - Single Interviews

These are shorter videos for YouTube from individual interviews that form a quick and relevant point, great for sharing more about ShapeShift in a shorter form from a single interviewee.

What is Tokenomics - 2 mins

What is ShapeShift + transitioning into a DAO - 2 mins

Advice for DAOs wanting to foster collaboration - 1:15 min

Advice if you’re thinking about starting a DAO - 1:15 mins

Navigating a Crypto Winter Safely - 1:30 min

Engineering direction for Shapeshift DAO - 1min

Social Media Videos (12)

These are intended to be highly shareable and even shorter than the YouTube videos listed above. Generally 20-40 second highlight clips from the talks and interviews, formatted for vertical (9:16) video.

Josh Forman Interview - 2 shorts

Josh Forman Talk - 1 short

Danielle Talk - 2 shorts

Willy Interview - 2 shorts

Rotorless Interview - 2 shorts

How I got involved with SS DAO - 30 seconds

The Best Part About Working for a DAO - 1 min

Kent Interview

What’s next for ShapeShift - 1 min

0xDeF1Cafe Interview

Favorite thing working at the DAO - 23 seconds

What’s next for ShapeShift - 54 seconds


The only real drawback of passing this proposal is spending money. We think a bigger drawback would be letting this extra footage go unused and spending more later to recreate it. All of this content should be rocket fuel for ShapeShift’s marketing.

Please Vote 2935

Please let us know if you have any questions. Our goal really is to bring as much value as we can to ShapeShift and we think these videos will provide a ton of engaging content.

Also, definitely check out some of the videos we’ve already created: Willy - DAO vs LLC | 4k - YouTube

I’m a big fat Yes on this one. The content is super-pro and highly relevant for helping the DAO get its messaging out. I love how there’s already a plan to really exhaust this content and make the most of it. It was also great working with the Amadeus Style team at ETHDENVER (you guys kick ass), and I’d hope that this might also pave the way for future work together.

One suggestion: you might want to tweak the proposal to say something like “$5000 worth of FOX, using the Uniswap price as of the date/time this proposal is approved.” That way you’re not facing a situation where you get less than you’d hope (if FOX goes down in the meantime), or the DAO is paying over that amount (if FOX goes up).

It’s also undefined how the DAO would decide whether to pay out USDC or FOX. One possibility is that this could fall under the purview of the TMDC. (In any case, we’re not talking about a massive spend, but it’s always helpful to be clear about these things when there’s optionality around how a spend is executed.)


It was great working with you in Denver and thanks so much for the kind words! I’ll make the suggested changes and thanks for the support.

Like the first proposal I am a big 100% yes on this one. What excites me most is the shorts and clips. As a marketer it’s important to see what media channels are pushing which “new” tech and right now it is youtube shorts to compete with tiktok & the same with Instagram reels.

We have recently given control of posting and sharing on Instagram to M&G workstream and having this content to promote as shorts and reels and even possibly use as paid ads copy on these platforms will be huge. We need more video content showing real faces at the DAO, and this would provide that.

Also the amount of content provided and quality for $5k in FOX tokens is a hell of a deal.