SCP 82 - Proposal to Request Funding for Video Post Production with Amadeus Style


Honestly, this seems like a great bang for our buck. While $6500 in USDC IS a lot - especially when we are actively trying to cut costs, comparing that to the costs/time it would take us to do something like this in house (even just going through the raw footage and sorting what is usable) would cost a TON more. If it would help the passing of this proposal, I would be happy to sit down with some of the marketing people on the content creation side and we can roadmap out a specific plan to use every one of the 35 videos and maximize what the DAO is getting for this spend. Just throwing that out as an offer

I like the way you think and we’d love to see all of these videos get shared as much as possible. We also wanted to give ShapeShift a good deal on this work because we’re big fans of what they’re doing. Cheers!

I’m in support of this proposal. The Marketing WS has been discussing creating more visual/video content for quite some time. I think these videos would increase engagement across our social platforms potentially leading to user growth and will add some flavour to the long form written content we currently produce, building a better connection with the community/user base.

As mentioned yesterday we want to continue to put focus on our message of being community-owned, decentralized, non-custodial, open-source and free! These videos would certainly help in getting that message across in my opinion. Visual content captures attention much quicker. Audiences want information that’s catered to them, they want it quick to the point, dynamic and exciting to watch AND they want content that appears in multiple mediums. In order to get that connection, our content marketing strategy should incorporate more visual approaches in my opinion.

I am happy to help alongside in creating a marketing plan for specific usage of these videos to ensure we maximise the use of this already gathered visual content.

Assuming it was the two people at the Coincap dinner and afterparty, they were awesome people and if they have a ton of content for a low price for us, this seems like a no brainer for getting some content made in the dao out there

Well put together proposal. Thank you for taking the time. I support the spend. 1f3ac

Thanks for putting the proposal together, the videos do look great. Is there a reason this wouldn’t fall into the budget of the marketing work-stream ( do we actually need a separate proposal for this)?

Marketing was the first place I checked but they are lacking the budget for a project of this size.

Thanks, super helpful. Given the current state of the DAO treasury and the markets I am not in favor of additional marketing spend at this time. I do agree that the content is great, but don’t think right now is the time to invest more into marketing considering our current monthly expenses there.

I understand the need for tighter spending, but I feel $6500 is reasonable for the content. Just my 2 sats.

Yes, that was us at the CoinCenter fundraiser and you’re awesome as well! Here’s the video from that night if you haven’t seen it yet: ShapeShift DAO’s Coin Center Benefit Dinner - ETH Denver 2022 - YouTube