Shapeshift Earlier Liquidity provider NFT

Help Shapeshift to immortalize our cutest ambassador :fox_face:

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    Shapeshift NFT’s for the earlier liquidity providers:

    In aims of celebrating that shapeshift decided to finally choose the right path and become fully decentralized some shapeshifters from discord have been dropping some dope ideas!

    My proposal: For earlier Liquidity Providers Shapeshift could take a snapshot of every earlier liquidity providers.

    Said Snapshot could be used to reward users with FOX and why not? minting some nice fox “genesis liquidity provider NFT’s”

I’m aware of the well talented community around so why not immortalizing our cutest ambassador with some rare and limited NFT’s?

A contest to bring new well talented NFT’s artist in aims of supporting this idea would be also be amazing!

Cheers to the Shapeshift family and shoutout to JonisJon who encouraged me to raise this proposal using the forum.

Yes! I love this idea, and we could even just vote on taking the snapshot for now and then decide later on what to distribute (FOX, NFTs or both). Of course we could also just decide now what it will looks like, either way I support this, I would love to commemorate this moment of decentralization and reward our earliest LP supporters who are critical to getting things started!

What do other community members think about this?

love this idea when would be the cut off though? anyone who LPed prior to bonus rewards launching?

Good question! do you have a proposed cutoff for this? Preferably we should agree on an exact ethereum block for the purpose of the snapshot.