Proposal to add Helium ($HNT) to Shapeshift platform

I’ve recently started to mine HNT via a miner on the Helium (IoT) network and would love if the Shapeshift platform could include it in their accepted tokens. Since they directly deposit earnings, it would be an easy way to safeguard earnings and of course swap for anything else. This would provide yet another added value reason to stay within the platform and not need to go out to another platform.

Official Website:

Miner Explorer:

I like the idea of adding helium support to the ShapeShift platform and app! Do we have any idea on the LOE to do this, what would it take to integrate the helium blockchain and any special considerations we would need to watch out for?

What does the community think a reasonable FOX bounty would be to get this work done?

Related question: do you think Helium would be interested in partnering with us on a bounty to get this built? Looks like they have a strong grant program but applications closed 4/9. I wonder if they’d make an exception for us 1f914

Good question - are you able to reach out to the helium team and see if they would be interested in helping support this effort?

Support an effort to give Shapeshift a grant for what purpose? Not sure if I’m fully following what’s being asked for.

Hmm not sure but can ask around and see if Helium responds.

The idea would be to combine on a bounty I think. So we put up both some FOX and some helium as a bounty for someone to integrate helium into ShapeShift. Or something along those lines, basically see if we can collaborate making this happen for mutual benefit.

I also would fully support this as a Helium miner