What is ShapeShift?


ShapeShift is an open-source, multi-chain, self-custody crypto platform. We’re building this so that billions of people can achieve financial sovereignty.

If you’re new to ShapeShift, this captures everything we are trying to do here. Our entire reason for being is to manifest and execute on this concept. The strategy, the tactics, the details… these all are fair game to debate and evolve among ourselves as a community. But the vision, described above, is what each participant in this community is expected to adhere to and help pull us toward.

If that vision doesn’t inspire you, or you don’t see why such a thing is important, then this won’t be the community for you. If you love it, and want to be a part of it, then welcome. This is where ShapeShift is going in its decentralized form.

It’s that simple, and that complex.