What is this place?

Hi, I’m new around here. I have used ShapeShift and used Portis wallet to log in to the shapeshift app. How can I use my fox here and what should I do to keep using ShapeShift simple. I start to get confused with all those wallets and platforms you can engage with ShapeShift.

Welcome! Using fox ‘here’ in forum. for the most part, you can see stuff without any fox. if you have fox, the ideation (which isnt setup yet) you would be able to vote on polls that count your fox here.

(if your asking what you can do with your fox in GENERAL, thats a different question/topic hehe)

you can also vote here, as if you were on Snapshot. i dont know limits on that.

also in this forum is a tip system. i dont know what wallets work in here yet however.

they use everypay for some part, and in platform wallet as well. its new. so still learning ourselves!

that cover your question ok?

Thanks. I still don’t know if I would be able to use the Portis Wallet I used on ShapeShift. I guess not. Do I need to move all fox to metamask or other compatible wallet?