Firmware update mode

hi every one how can i update my wallet?

Jump on zendesk and they can go through. I just updated mine 2 days ago. Make sure you have your Code phrase etc. (dont give it out to anyone!) It was several steps, unplugging/plugging in. I downloaded the latest updater as well.

bro iam sorry but how can i backup my wallet?

When you first setup your wallet, you were given the 12 words. that is your backup. you can input those words onto a new device (and a few other wallets) to gain access to your wallet.

but def go through the zendesk link. thats Support. I am just a helpful poster, in this case. Goodluck!

bro i forget my pin how can I recover pin?

Sorry, only way i know how is the 12word code recovery. but goto and maybe support has another method.

You can’t recover your PIN if you forget it.