Who are the ShapeShift users?

Hey everyone, 1f600

Do we have a good idea on who most of the ShapeShift users are?

I’m assuming a good chunk would be 20-30 year old males, some with what you could call a libertarian bent, users around the global but mostly from the West and Asia.

I’ve been noodling around ideas about how to grow the user base but knowing the core demographics would be helpful. I realize ShapeShift doesn’t collect a bunch of info on its users from KYC for instance but any anecdotal experience from ShapeShift employees/stakeholders/users would be great.

These are all really good questions.

ShapeShift averages around 150k MAU. That number is going to be much higher this month due to the airdrop/fox farming/etc.

Most of the ShapeShift users are US-based. But there is also is a smaller but strong user base in most of Europe, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Australia, Nigeria, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Depending on how much you put into the genetic Google Analytics data, the male to female ratio is about 80/20 and you were right on with your guess on age. ±10 either way for the next strongest age categories.

Even more data to look at

Here are some you have look at: UniSwap FOX/ETH pool to watch the liquidity depth: Uniswap Info

Airdrop claim tracker: Dune Analytics

0x Dashboard for our trades routed through them: 0x Tracker

The FOX Token contract so you can see holders: $0.7064 | FOX (FOX) Token Tracker | Etherscan

Here is the link to the staking contract. It doesn’t seem like Etherscan totals the FOX-ETH-UNI v2 tokens that gets adding to the contract: ShapeShift: FOX Staking Rewards | 0xdd80e21669a664bce83e3ad9a0d74f8dad5d9e72

Things we don’t have external pages for yet Trades routed through Thorchain

  1. We also have a bunch of user survey data we can expose. We have two going right now

    KeepKey user interviews

  2. Product market fit survey

Once our UX finishes compiling the data, I’ll share it with the group here

Thanks Matt!

Yeah, results on the surveys and interviews would be great.

Yup! We should have them in 1 -2 weeks. We are wrapping up the interviews and the product-market fit survey isn’t closed yet. It takes our UX about a week to aggregate and analysis the data.

Appreciate your interest in all things data!

I think it’s important to stress past data will not reflect what we can foster through this new DAO and “hands off” approach to community building.

Because it is a DAO, we should really try to appeal to those movements within other communities that align with our goals, but aren’t gaining traction within those communities for whatever reason.

We really need to pour the lessons of failings of other projects we are part of into this project. Tezos has done a good job of this, but the brand is plagued by the past.

Hey ,

For sure, I agree with you. It’s worth seeing the state of our current user base as well though. There might be some low hanging fruit to grow around our core. The current user base is also the most likely to promote SS (especially with the Fox airdrop and other incentives).

Having worked on the marketing team before jumping into R&D, one of the things always on my mind was who will be

  • ShapeShift’s users, given current trends. (The answers now are a lot different than they were during the ICO bubble!)

    A few thoughts along those lines:

    Crypto investing is increasingly going mainstream. This could actually lead to a larger skew of women for SS’s demographic; females often are in charge of family investing decisions. I saw a survey recently suggesting that women are in fact becoming more well-represented among crypto holders. (Pardon me, don’t have the actual source). We’re definitely moving out of the “young male libertarian early adopter” period, IMO!

  • Crypto is easier to purchase than ever (between PayPal, Square, etc.), and a lot of the UX frictions are easing as well with basic things like wallets, sending, and receiving. SS’s value prop is to make dealing with crypto super-easy, so we’re well-positioned to capture those new users as they move further down the crypto rabbit hole and start to do more complex things like using DEXes, staking, lending/borrowing, etc. Connecting to that cohort poses an interesting challenge. Where are these users? What makes them tick? Partnering on marketing efforts with integrated platforms might be a good way to reach this market segment.
  • Focus groups and surveys are always useful for getting a better grip on market segments. Now we even have a way to potentially incentivize survey responses and other feedback, with FOX.
  • One of the mistakes I’ve seen many crypto companies make is to just “preach to the choir,” so to speak, and try to appeal to current crypto users, at the expense of gaining traction with newer crypto users. ShapeShift is a well-known name with the former, but it would be a mistake to focus solely on that group.