Participant Recruitment: Ethnographic Research Project on DAOs and Future of Work

Hi everyone. I am a PhD student in anthropology (technically the HASTS program) at MIT. I’ve been following blockcain based projects I use interviews and participant observation to study blockchain based organizations. Part of my research focuses on the relation between DAOs and future of work more broadly. I want to understand: how DAOs are changing meaning of work, workspaces, and coordination of distributed work, how people joining Shapeshift and other DAOs navigate the incredible complexities of this ecosystem, what ‘expertise’ really means in DAOs, and how pariticipants manage the uncertainties and risks of working in the DAO ecosystem.

I’m looking to interview as many people as possible about these questions. It doesn’t matter if you joined Shapeshift today or four years ago, if you are an active contributor to the project, or if you’re simply following the activities on Discord.

More than anything, I would love suggestions about the research itself. What are the ways in which I could make this useful for the Shapeshift community? Are there questions you would like me to include in the interview? (For example, if it would be helpful to gather information on whether members hold on to the FOX tokens received as payments, if they swap it with other tokens, etc)

I’d also like to know how I can make the research process and its progress transparent for the community, if there are any concerns around how I will use the data, or about referencing Shapeshift in potential presentation or paper that might follow this research.

Here is my email:

Looking forward to learning from you all.

welcome Raha! Thanks for your interest in ShapeShift. We have an awesome community. Myself and I’m sure many others would be happy to participate :fox_face:

I think the final report will be valuable for the community no matter what, but will try and think of additional ways this could benefit the community. I would definitely be interested in learning more about what contributors do with the FOX they earn and whether they’re interested in earning FOX vs. stables like you suggested.

I don’t have any any concerns about how you will use the data (much of what we DAO is already public), but appreciate that you’re thinking about this and agree it would be beneficial to be clear with participants up fronts re: how data will be used and shared.


I am a relative newcomer to the DAO and can see how this research will be helpful in recruit for any DAO. Happy to be interviewed and sending email now.

Hi - would be happy to connect with you and chat sometime next week if you are interested for further participants!