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Ahoy FOX maties :fox_face: :pirate_flag:

  1. Who’s ready to build the greatest product(s) in the history of foxkind?

    I’m excited to get the ball rolling for the Product workstream, a group dedicated to leading ShapeShift DAO’s mission to be the pathway into the borderless financial system; an open-source, multi-chain, self-custody crypto platform enabling billions to achieve financial sovereignty.

    The Product workstream will be responsible for the following:

    Combining insights from users, community members, other workstreams, and the macro crypto and financial industries to propose the optimal roadmap.

  2. Delivering detailed product specs that can be handed over to other workstreams such as development, marketing & growth, and partnerships to give them a clear and comprehensive understanding of new feature’s requirements.
  3. Deliver beautiful UI/UX designs for each new feature, utilizing existing UI components and ShapeShift brand and style guidelines and incorporating insights from user testing before development begins whenever possible.
  4. Setting goals and success metrics for each new feature pre-prioritization, then reporting on whether or not goals were met post-launch
  5. Coordinating with stakeholders and the community to lead periodic Product Prioritization meetings where a roadmap is proposed by the product team, and all stakeholders are invited to give feedback or propose alternative roadmaps
  6. Lead bi-weekly product office hours as well as design office hours where all community members are invited to hang out with the product/design team, ask questions, learn about what they’re working on, and pitch ideas.
  7. Be a repository of knowledge about the ShapeShift suite of products and the future roadmap.
  8. I’m sure there’s more but this is a great start!
  9. I am not applying to be a leader of this workstream, but plan to contribute in a meaningful and ongoing capacity, and am happy to act as a de facto leader until a better leader emerges (please post on this thread if this could be you!).

    As Principal Product Manager of ShapeShift, I’ve led or been involved in all major feature launches over the past 3+ years, including leading the development and launch of ShapeShift’s web and mobile apps from the ground up. We are blessed to have one of the strongest product teams in the industry, if not the world, and we are so excited to be able to accelerate the pace of development in this open source world. While I’ve enjoyed every second of the past 3 years, I could not be more excited to continue contributing to the product workstream in a more decentralized manner alongside YOU.

    So, if you’re interested in contributing in an ongoing capacity to this workstream…

    Reply to this post expressing your interest and what you can bring to the table

In order to schedule a weekly 1 hour workstream-sync meeting, add your availability to this calendar poll

  1. . The first sync meeting will be scheduled for the week of August 2nd (after folks return from EthCC).

At the initial sync meeting, I’d like to meet and connect everybody who is interested in contributing, get feedback from the community on the tentative product roadmap we have to begin with, and start brainstorming the best next steps to transition our current processes as a product team to this workstream.

In the meantime… here is the tentative roadmap laid out in the decentralization announcement:

The ShapeShift roadmap will ultimately be determined by FOX holders. To get the ball rolling, here are some of the major initiatives from the current ShapeShift roadmap, many of which are already in progress:

Wallet Support

  • Implement support for additional wallets, including but not limited to MetaMask, Trust Wallet, WalletConnect, and Gnosis Safe. We’re considering onboard.js for this.

Open Sourcing

  • Open source all ShapeShift code and infrastructure.

  • Replace or decentralize functionality that currently relies on centralized infrastructure, such as ShapeShift oAuth.
  • Anything that cannot be open-sourced in the short-term will be run by the Foundation with the intention of it open-sourcing and decentralizing when possible in coordination with the community.

Additional Blockchains

  • Add support for a growing list of blockchains, with the ultimate goal of enabling projects to easily add their own blockchains.


  • Add support for DEX aggregators on additional EVM-compatible chains.

  • Add cross-chain swapping capabilities for new assets as they become available on THORChain.


  • Enable users to provide liquidity on THORChain and earn yield on a growing number of assets and blockchains, including native BTC.

  • Enable users to easily deposit to Yearn vaults, and deposit all revenues earned through Yearn’s affiliate partnership to the ShapeShift DAO.
  • Enable users to view and manage positions across a growing list and variety of protocols (borrowing, lending, yield-generating, etc.). This includes protocols like Aave, Compound, Alchemix, and Liquidity.
  • Enable users to “zap in” to DeFi positions, which would otherwise require multiple transactions.
  • Enable users to transfer assets across blockchains via decentralized bridge protocols.

Layer 2

  • Add support for a growing list of Ethereum Layer 2 solutions, with the ultimate goal of enabling projects to easily add support for their own Layer 2.

We have explored implementing support for Bitcoin’s Lightning network, but unfortunately have yet to find a viable solution for supporting Lightning that is both non-custodial and also doesn’t require

  • users to run full nodes. However, if the community can determine a viable path, we would love to support Lightning.

The First Partnership

We would like to propose the first partnership is established with Yearn, whose protocol has a built-in affiliate revenue program (https://twitter.com/iearnfinance/status/1367508483952771075?s=20). ShapeShift users will be able to deposit to Yearn vaults to earn yield on their assets with no added fees, and will even earn some bonus FOX. This will make ShapeShift the best interface for using Yearn, with a higher APR vs. using Yearn directly or through any other interface. One hundred percent of the revenue generated through users’ deposits will go to the ShapeShift DAO, and the FOX Tokens users earn will grant them governance rights over how those revenues are allocated.


FOX Token holders can choose to distribute revenues to holders, hold or allocate them to diversify the treasury’s portfolio, buy back FOX to either burn or to continue funding community incentive programs, invest in other projects, or any other initiatives the community manifests. This no-fee added, affiliate revenue program can be applied to any protocol, application, or service that addresses the needs of crypto users, including fiat on/off ramp purchases (Banxa), trades (THORChain or 1inch), NFT marketplaces (OpenSea), all things DeFi (refer to our list of communities being airdropped to), delegated staking for POS chains (staked.us), even physical item purchases (earn FOX when you buy a Ledger or some MetaFactory swag, and the ShapeShift DAO earns some DAI).

Network Effects

How does ShapeShift capture value in an open source, decentralized world? While open source code can easily be replicated, communities, partnerships, reputation, and the network effects these brew, cannot be.

FOX incentives can kickstart, accelerate, and solidify these network effects while also achieving the necessary, ongoing mission of distributing FOX widely, fairly, and to ShapeShift community members.

Open-Source Partnerships

For protocols, blockchains, and any project willing to share a percentage of their revenue.


Blockchain projects will be able to add support for their own chains and tokens, with the option of sponsor bounties for any or all of the work.


Protocols or other crypto services (i.e., fiat ramps) that need an interface, web3/blockchain provider, and/or wallet no longer need to build this themselves; rather, they can integrate directly with ShapeShift at launch and gain valuable exposure to a growing user base and not worry about added fees or the risks and dependencies inherent with closed-source technology.

Any project that is willing to share a percentage of the revenue generated by ShapeShift users is eligible for bonus FOX incentives, as determined by governance.

Thanks for reading! Looking forward to building the best interface to the decentralized universe with you all 1f642

Awesome! Look forward to being involved in this workstream 1f642

Wooo! Added to the calendar. Excited for the first meeting.

Hi! This is very exciting!

I work in product and would love to help out however I can.

I tried to start contributing to this proposal and was referred here by jonisjon

I also responded to the calendar poll.

Hey everyone, 1f44b

I’m generally interested in helping ShapeShift in any capacity where

I think I can bring value. I’d also love to find others I can learn from.

I currently work for a nonprofit that creates free resources for learning

and teaching economics at the university and high school level. I work in

product and marketing which includes designing and project managing.

I’ve filled out my availability on the calendar. :+1:

Glad to have you both showing interest here - hope to see you on the first product workstream call that schedules so we can discuss more ways to contribute 1f642

Hey :slightly_smiling_face: 1f44b

Did we ever settle on a time to meet for the first product meet?

We have now, thanks for the poke 1f64f

Product Workstream Kickoff is officially scheduled for 1pm ET on Monday, August 9th (Add to Calendar)

Hope you all can make it!

I’m also following up today with everyone who checked the box for Product in the Google Form for interested contributors.

LFG! 1f680

So excited for this!!

Haha, wasn’t trying to poke. Just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss it. 1f605

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it though. I have some work meetings I’ll try to move.

Also, not sure if the “Add to Calendar” link is working properly. At least for me, it opened up my Google Calendar but didn’t fill out any of the info.

haha please always feel free to poke me! 1f642

hope you’re able to make it 1f64f will try to record it in case you can’t

Thanks for reporting the issue with Add to Calendar link, is it working now?

Yep, its working! :+1:

Not sure I can make that time on Monday, may be able to join part way through, will try to join as much as I can!

Glad to see this kicking off! Unfortunately, I’ll now be unavailable at that time. If there is a recording or notes I’d love to get access if possible.

Is there any set agenda? Maybe those who can’t attend or even those who can, will be able to provide some input async…

I’m going to join this call! Excited to see what you have in mind

Good news (hopefully) to those who couldn’t make the session on August 9th… I noticed it’s scheduled on the official calendar on our Boardroom for August 16th.

Because so many can’t make it on the 9th, and to give some more time to prep, let’s schedule the Product Workstream Kickoff for Monday, August 16th at 1pm ET (Add to Calendar)

Would that time work for everyone? :crossed_fingers:

  1. Yes! Here’s the tentative agenda, working on fleshing it out more this week:


  2. Product mission, goals, KPIs
  3. Target Audience
  4. Roadmap
  5. Product Prioritization Process
  6. UI/UX Process
  7. Spec template
  8. Roles, responsibilities, and rewards
  9. Open Q&A
  10. Anything else?

Please suggest anything else you guys would like to cover!

Any thoughts or discussion yet on where to hold/store brand and UI assets? As we decentralize, it will be a challenge to maintain great brand standards, but it is essential.

We will continue to have brand assets available on the website, as well as accessible in Google drive. Our existing design files and user flows will be available via Sketch Cloud, and possibly Figma going forward. The links to these files will be available in Notion.

Agreed, that we still need to maintain great brand standards. I feel that maintaining those standards can become a responsibility of the product workstream, and will touch on this subject in the kick off on Monday!

Hey I wasn’t able to make the product meeting Monday. Was there any plans set for the next meeting?