Access to ShapeShift legacy accounts still possible?

Gm frens, it’s been a while since I’ve been around and since followed ShapeShift’s DAO move from the sidelines. Recently though I’ve figured that I used the DEX back in the days to buy some BTC (and received some FOX around the DAO move). Is there any chance to access these legacy accounts with the corresponding e-mail and password combination? Any replies are highly appreciated. Cheerio :slight_smile:


Hello, you should have received few e-mails about recovering legacy ShapeShift accounts (on the e-mail you used to register back then).

If you don’t have them anymore I think your best bet is to contact our support, check the official website, at the bottom right there is a “Chat” icon, ask them how to proceed there.

Best of luck, and be careful with anyone contacting you directly to provide “support”, they usually don’t have good intentions.

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