I would like assistance with the , apparently new, log-in process. Perviously, I always use my lap top. I have a keepkey. I am very wary of scams and thieving. Last year, I instantly lost assets on Coinbase wallet, and metamask phone apps. If I loose these on my keepkey I will be destroyed

Thank you for your consideration

hi! That mean you have an email /pw for your login? We have support on also this article might help you out as well.

Thank you for your response. I need help. Yes, I have shapeshift account with e-mail nd password. I am trying to move assets from CoinBase to my KeepKey via shapeshift. I think that there were big changes at ShapeShift. I cannot receive coins as I used to. Thank you

you can also get on and (after verify human, pick language, head to ‘contact support’ and you can get a ‘live’ support person. but def read that article first. you want to update away from the login/pw setup. (make srue you have your seed )

theres also a Keepkey General chat on the discord server. (role selector - Keepkey)

Thank you again for responding. 2 questions for you please. Of what "article " do you reference? …and can you link it to me, please? I find “support” button, but not “live support”, what am I doing wrong? Thank you again

are you logging in on ?

the link to zendesk is just an article. (support is linking to the discord now)

is the article