How to return funds from a shapeshift 7 wallet?


I have an important question.

To whom and how can I ask it?

Thank you!


You can ask here, as a public question. if you need some privacy, on we have a Support channel, that you can open a ‘support box’ (limited to a small group of support+) , or for a more strict setup make a ticket on zendesk:

hope one of these avenues would help !

Thanks for the reply.

I describe the essence of the problem.

I made an erroneous transfer of cryptocurrency to an address that belonged to ShapeShift 7. ShapeShift support replied that there was no access to this address anymore because the company had changed its ownership form to DAO.

Is it possible to get a key to this address and return these funds to my wallet?

I will be grateful for any help!

With hope,


Sorry to hear this @Dimmm 1f626 unfortunately the DAO does not have the keys for any of the wallets formerly operated by ShapeShift.

Dear friends,

Is there any other way to return this transfer?

I am ready to provide a hash of this transaction to clarify the details, in this correspondence or personally to the company’s management.



Unfortunately without the keys there is no way to return the funds. Apologies again @Dimmm, I really wish we could help.

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