Banned from Discord? Post here

If you believe you were unfairly banned from our Discord community, please share your Discord nick (and userid if you know it) and explain why you think you should not have been banned.

Please keep your appeal respectful and provide any relevant information, such as rough timestamps and the region you were in when the incident occurred. This will help us review your case and make a fair decision.

Please note that some bans are temporary and will automatically expire after a set amount of time. If you have received a temporary ban, it is best to wait for it to end and avoid further violations to avoid a permanent ban.

Also, please be aware that attacking others or behaving disrespectfully in your appeal will only result in further consequences, such as an extended or permanent ban.

Thank you for understanding and for following our rules of professional conduct. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to reviewing your appeal.

Code of Conduct can be reviewed here:

Updated code of conduct link