@cryptohmeg_ - over and out!

Hi all,

After almost 7 years of dedication to the many faces of ShapeShift, I’ll be leaving my post as Customer Support Workstream leader and paid contributor. My last day will be November 30th.

I joined when ShapeShift was a great product, in a little basement, as the first customer support agent. I’m so proud of the teams I’ve built and my management of their growth and contractions over the years. It’s been a whirlwind that has left me sleepless at times but also full of life. When I look back this will be no doubt one of the best chapters of my career. I always dreamed of crushing banks (the Fed specifically) since I was a little ol’ college student. I want to thank everyone but especially @Erik and @jonisjon for taking a chance on me in the beginning. Also, I can’t imagine seeing this project being anything but successful with minds like @willyfox and @kent - you guys constantly know the coolest, newest shit in crypto, and I honestly have no clue how you keep up. With the dedication from team members like @TylerShapeShift and @0xdef1cafe and @Fireb0mb1 and @Giantkin and @pastaghost and @diggy and @TWells and @Hpayne (…seriously so many to name I need to stop now before i hurt feelings by omission), I know this project is in good hands.

I’d especially like to shout out my tried and true support team leaders @donna and @mogie as they have been amazing to work with during the DAO transition and I couldn’t have stayed half as organized as I was without them. I look forward to how the team will evolve without me.

I’ll spare everyone too much sap (because believe me, I’m getting sappy over here). I plan to remain a member of the community, continue to vote on future proposals, and stay engaged with you fine folk. The sun will rise again very soon for crypto, and I hope you’re all prepared for when that day comes.

To be thematic for the week: I am so THANKFUL for this experience. Cheers to all of you and the wonderful work you do. Long live the fox den! <3

disappointed_relieved sad your leaving, hope your able to grow and prosper. I’ll miss you as a work buddy. and hope to see you hanging around! :slight_smile:

It has indeed been real @ssmegan. Thank you for all your contributions to ShapeShift over the past 7 years, and particularly this past year in DAO land. You will be greatly missed, but your legacy and the impact you’ve made will live on purple_heart wishing you the best on your next chapter

You will be very missed! Thank you for being such an amazing person to work with and to exist with in this DAO space. I am looking forward to seeing you around in Discord <3 Happy trails friend

Thank you for being the best damn customer support leader for ShapeShift over the last 7 years. You will be missed greatly but I know the time spent with your family and kids (plural!) will be well worth it. Cheers to you Meg, we’ll keep in touch :heart:

Thanks for your dedication to ShapeShift and ShapeShift DAO all these years, it’s sad to lose you as a coworker but I hope you do find happiness in your next projects! I’m no good with goodbyes so it’s a good thing for everyone that you plan to stick around as a community member :sweat_smile:

thank you @ssmegan for the great leadership you provided Support over the years. you have been fantastic to work with and I will truly miss you. I hope you find success and happiness in your next journey. will always root for you wherever life takes you. heartpulse

Thank you Megan for being a great and supportive leader to our team. You are one of the best people I’ve worked with. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors. Cheers!

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We will miss you @ssmegan ! You have been a stalwart presence and part of ShapeShift for so long, I am so proud of everything you have accomplished in your time contributing before and after the DAO. You have built and grown amazing teams and helped establish one of the best CS teams in the whole industry (more than once!). Thank you for everything you have given and brought to ShapeShift, hope to still see you around the DAO as time permits :slight_smile:

Thanks for the love, ya’ll. <3 WAGMI