FOX & Odysee - A strong community

It’s no secret that me, Fabio, have a preference for posting Brazilian content on Odysee. This is due to my friendship with and entire Odysee community.

Through Odysee (1st blockchain which received our PT content) we opened doors on web3. Yes, we had not tried this scalability strategy on any web3 social and highly driven by growth hack we establish incredible bonds.

A room has been kindly provided to ShapeShift DAO at Odysee’s Discord LatAm.

Thus, we linked this channel with a Telegram experimental group, so all messages on FOX room (on Odysee’s disc) are mirrored to this TG group:

We are aiming bring 100 members and point it to our DAO’s main server, right into #Portuguese room.

We’ve been talking a lot about this integration into Discord and it’s interesting to note how it’s been done experimentally outside of the DAO, but with the aim of bringing in new community members right into our Discord main server.

So we are talking about Portuguese, but we can do the same onboard stragety for Spanish.

Back to our Odysee general analytics:

I’ll summarize it in two prints, the first on the Brazilian channel:

Link: FOX no Brasil

The 2nd and unexpected, LatAm channel went viral this month @.@

Link: Fox en Español

LatAm team is now engaged with Odysee Latam, which is great! We are achieving good results and I am optimistic.

So, thank you Odysee friends!


That has been a pleasure

Wow , 17k views can be seen to have made an effort, Latam has great potential in the coming years

It would be nice to see more detailed KPIs of the entire development on a weekly or monthly basis

But it’s a good start

Hey, thank you for your feedback!

Yes, for this first experiment I found it very impressive. We are open and willing to bring new content on this plataform, for sure.

It would be great if Odysee had a block explorer, so we can audit everything directly on blockchain, just like hive: shapeshiftdaobr | Hive

Block explorers can help us tracking all movements in a web3 social, so yes! it could be a nice feature for odysee’s devs

Ongoing Odysee metrics/evolution can be tracked here.

Feel free to bring your ideas to LatAm Labs!

Edit: Working on this Odysee block explorer, it seems to have a tool (it requires some adjustments, codes and hooks).

Agradeço ao Universo que de alguma forma me guiou para encontra-los para aprender esses conteúdos fantásticos! GratiDAO.

I thank the Universe that somehow guided me to find them to learn these fantastic contents! GratiDAO

Glad to see a message in Portuguese! Especially from the Foxysee community.


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