LatAm Sprint Report: 18/01/2022: Santuario

Hello fox fam!

LatAm team worked hard and achieved incredible milestones on “Santuario” sprint. Our office is already founded and working within established flows and guidelines, this report has a different format, it was written in markdown, so I wish y’all a good reading 1f642

Web3’s/Twitter/Telegram Overview


Let’s start by with the social network Steemit, which it’s a TRX blockchain. We started an engagement project a few months ago.

Latin communities are pretty active and powered on this platform and with skills our page was recognized and received an ‘Project Badge’, this means we are now on the spot!

Congratulations, Mr Bear!


This topic is probably worth a single post, we have experienced exponential growth in both Odysee profiles since its deployment.

FOX and Odysee communities have been integrated for months, since then, we’ve been deploying several social activations between both communities. With 's support and all FOX fam, we’ve grown!

Twitter (BR)

Here is an overview of Brazilian Twitter Analytics. This is just our first week, stay tuned!

Let’s look at organic growth and brush on some ads

Give us a little bit of your attention if possible 2764

Follow FOX in Brazil:


Undoubtedly a merit of the entire team, the communities are engaged and we have obtained growth in users (especially after 's disclosure and interaction). Mr. Bear was nomited Telegram moderator e and he has been performing a great job.

Our team has plans in mind for telegram such as engagement actions and artistic content with custom stickers.

We are happy with growth results and we’ll to incubate our TG community.

Newsletter on the flow!

Official publications

We started translating the Official ShapeShift DAO Newsletter in Portuguese in addition to Spanish, all editions can be checked on the forum and also on-chain, in our Odysee page.

is very punctual on this work, we managed to organize it efficiently and now everything is deployed. Thanks!

Heres the on-chain example: Boletim Semanal - Destaques - 17/01/2022

(it’s been done in spanish on last months)

FOX on

We have a sharp editorial line with , he writes about hot content and important topics happening in the DAO, touching from Olympus DAO to deep analysis.

Currently focused on TaxiStake and FOXchain article, guiriba also wrote an awesome PR for our V2 launch 1f525

If you’re curious on what’s hapenning inside the mirror, visit:

Office’s Overview

We introduced our new team environment a few weeks ago, aiming bring a transparent office to the entire community.

LatAm team added it’s publishing structure, as well as those responsible for each tool:

Our roles have been defined and are available along with the job description for each contributor

Check our Notion environment and dive into LatAm’s roadmap and ecosystem: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Next steps

After closing this sprint, we started a sprint called ‘Nova Era’ (New Era), yes, is purposefully suggestive 1f642

This month we started our work at Growth WS and its means that all compensations were raised and we have a calendar for bounties and future works with favorable funds.

LatAm is writing the sprint ‘Nova Era’, so in two days, our office will have all funds allocated in bounties and ads, properly. We’ll gonna run this sprint on the 20th, so stay tuned.

Kind regards,