LatAm Sprint Report: 11/02/2021: Tierra Firme

Bom dia, família FOX! (Good morning, FOX fam).

Busy week huh? LatAm accomplished several milestones on last sprint called ‘Tierra Firme’. Our content for the launch of V2 is on the trigger, so i want to congratulate all LatAm team for all efforts on this task, all content was finished before the deadline.

Telegram moderation and numbers

Starting from Portuguese Telegram Bridge, we are welcoming new foxes as well in spanish, speaking in numbers, both groups are growing in good pace. We are careful with information and scammers, so now holds the spanish telegram moderation.

LatAm Notion

As i mentioned on this topic, LatAm team has a new team environment: A public and updated Notion containing all information about our office, ongoing jobs and communities that we’re working on. Take a time to explore this Notion, it’s a deep view about LatAm.

Special thanks: , who dedicated time and patience on this. Brazilian Twitter

Many of you already know, but i think it’s valid to to endorse it: love and share our Brazilian profile on Twitter! :fox_face: 2764 :brazil:

Yes, $FOX arrived in Brazil!

Moving to another hot thing 1f525

FOX on

Let’s talk about What can I say about this fancy Web3? It gathers the best writers and content.

Before I jump into our Mirror’s content, let me do a brief intro about this web3:

According to the website, “Mirror is the next big change in the long history of symbolic communication. Through a decentralized, user-owned, crypto-based network, Mirror’s publishing platform revolutionizes the way we express, share and monetize our thoughts.”

As we can see, Mirror looks like a unique descentralized publishing tool for writers. The platform was created by Denis Nazarov and launched in 2020.

LatAm started its Mirror’s project with copywriting and have 4+ minted articles. however, we have bigger plans in order to mirror these articles on web3’s feeds and Twitter.

“Choose your destiny” Our mirror welcome page on portuguese notion, same goes for spanish

Click here to visit our feed right into the source.

Odysee Growth

Not less important, we experienced a nice growth in our Odysee pages, reaching 97 followers on Brazilian profile and 118 on spanish profile!

And finally, a block explorer for both profiles. If you’re curious about how much/many resources we use on odysee’s blockchain, check (still analyzing the best chart to report blockexplorer’s data) :

LatAm profile

Portuguese profile

Next steps

After the rising of our new Growth workstream some LatAm guidelines were updated, we raised all compensations and described roles and job descriptions inside our office. We still run public weekly sprints on Growth’s public rooms every monday at 4PM (Miami time), if you have any suggestion or want to listen our roadmap and brainstorm, feel free to jump in!

For the next sprint we’ll bring an spanish AMA with CoinEx under coordination, let’s send him good energies and support this action! There’s also an NFT project being warmed under curation, in a crossed collab between him and Odysee creators, so stay tuned on Latam updates 1f609

Kind regards ,