LatAm Report - January 2022

Latam Report - January 2022

We experienced a month of great engagement with the community, our most valuable asset. LatAm friendly and compassionate approach reached incredible places and people! During the month of January, we focused on important topics that are being promoted at DAO such as FOXChain, Osmosis Validator, Angel Vault and also translating contents from ShapeShift’s Medium in order to promote them on our portuguese and spanish socials.

One of our expansion plans has been completed: emerge from the Web 3.0 social networks with a solid base and a loyal audience to the Web2.0 surface. It’s no secret that our most specialized and valuable audience is on Web 3.0, however, this is a land on which we build strong enough foundations for the community, to continue to grow organically.

A new year full of achievements and progress

Happy with this result, we decided to explore new oceans starting with Brazilian Twitter and Linkedin glimpsing satisfactory results and the community response was incredible.

Web 2.0 (Surface)

Twitter Growth

Deployed in mid-January, the Brazilian Twitter reached a satisfactory organic growth, without Ads. Studying the Ads possibility, we are about to receive an advertising package (Bounty) filled with ‘call to actions’ pieces.

If you still don’t follow us, jump on twitter and give us a follow 2665 Link:

Linkedin setup

Our main speech on Linkedin is now institutionally based and attracted the attention of some Brazilian developers in its initial setup. DAO’s official newsletter is also being posted there, as well as articles containing topics like FOXChain and open-source subjects.

For February, we plan to sponsor a Gitcoin bounty on Linkedin Jobs. For now, check our 100% organic audience since its deployment:

Some tunes were applied like a Product page dedicated to our V2 plataform:

V2’s Brazilian Media Page: Versão 2 da Plataforma ShapeShift | LinkedIn

Brazilian Linkedin main Page:

Web 3.0 (On-chain)


Our main media aggregator due several reasons: from its easy going blockchain, to its incredible community and closer team.

The Odysee team worked hard to engage Spanish-speaking audiences in a variety of niches while Odysee is a communication vehicle. The platform has experienced an exponential growth of Hispanic speakers so we are seizing this moment by engaging the audience organically, with 0 investments. Our Odysee operations continue at full steam, for this month, we want to get closer with crypto influencers who inhabit Odysee universe, producing content in a creative and friendly way, by crossing communities.

FOX en Español last week overview:

FOX no Brasil last week overview:

Check Odysee’s weekly in our Notion page, here’s an example of our monthly tracking: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Hive Chain

We started a curation plan at Hive Chain so Mr. Bear and Vlad were delegated for this mission, LatAm’s trusted and talented Growth Hackers.

We didn’t expect less, the mission started with an incredible milestone:

  • 800+ upvotes and REAL monetization

HiveBuzz is a good indicator of how engagement metrics on the Hive Chain are doing. So i would like to invite you to check some insights from this Dapp:

Track our engagement on Hive Chain here: HiveBuzzSome articles are so successful that they are curated by the community reaching a great organic performance.

Follow our page and give us an upvote :fox_face: :

We will continue with our Curator Orofile plan on Hive Chain, aiming grow organically, expanding latam activities across this ecosystem

Learn about Hive Ecosystem:

Learn about Hive Engine: Hive Engine - Smart Contracts on the Hive blockchain

LatAm Guild Bounties

Our Bounty Radar is live! Available in Latam’s Notion, this environment is curated by latam members, so bounties are open in order incubate potential talented bounty hunters.

V2’s video dubbing was a bounty

With the new Workstream funds, Latam is able to focus on creative bounties and on its content scalability. Dou have a Bounty idea for LatAm Guild? Reach us on discord and let’s incubate it!


Official Publications

Now you can read the weekly, monthly and governance newsletters in Portuguese, in addition to our publication traditional in Spanish.

In addition to portuguese forum publications, it is also possible to follow newsletters publications on Brazilian Linkedin Page, plus, on-chain (Odysee).

LatAm’s Writers Guild Newsletter

We reinforce our commitment to bring quality content to our readers so our is on fire, our articles are exclusive and they are allocated on inside mainnet, the overall look is also neat.

Artwork: Rohekbenitez

That’s why I would like invite the community to explore our Mirror, starting with FOXChain article:

LatAm’s Content Calendar

A more organized and sober calendar was proposed, that’s why we organize our publications we already have everything on trigger for this month.

We intend to run two monthly meetings with the Portuguese speaking community, on Saturdays, in our Discord public rooms.

Latam also engaged a community meeting on Spanish Telegram counting with latam contributors and pratical defi examples, in addition to answer some community questions. It will be easier to schedule telegram interactions while the calendar is available with saturday windows.

All Latam information is public and can be checked here

This calendar is about all fixed and official publications which our workflow is driving, throughout the month, we will continue add news and milestones in these blocks, stay tuned!

Next Steps

With a solid Web 3.0 community established and a great Web 2.0 approach, we are free to fly. Our content is ‘climbed’ on main social networks, so now, we are talking about press releases, building networking with powerful KOL’s, reaching reliable crypto influencers aiming educational audio-visual content (and this leads us to a cross path with the Education team, part of same workstream). The Latam Guild is now made up of Curators, Growth Hackers, Squad Leaders and talented Bounty Hunters willing to spread DAOs word.

Special thanks

I would like to thank the entire LatAm Contributors and Growth Workstream for all their commitment and hard work during this journey. We are building an important legacy for the crypto world with ShapeShift DAO, let’s go together!

Kind regards,





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