Globalization WS 2023 metrics and goals

Gm ShapeShift DAO,

This is a report from Globalization WS aimed for community feedback. Feel free to bring ideas, compliments or voice your concerns here. You’re very welcome.

Current term Goal (Aug 2023 - Jan 2024)


Metric System

MixPanel Dashboards:

#1 shows Connected wallets x Weekly Active Transactors
#2 shows only Weekly Active Transactors line
#3 a funnel combining connected wallets x trade confirm

and the following co-hort:


After completing 5 months under constant operation, if all metrics are right, then Global WS should be close to accomplish its goal (650 weekly active transactions x 588 at the moment I’m writing this post) here’s the breakdown per month:






Global Volume also shows a visible improvement but I was unable to correlate the whole bulk with Locales. What we can see is growth specifically i grass roots communities: Spain and Brazil (identifying 220k and 54k - respectively - in volume). For this metric, we’re using trade success + amountUSD as main indicator.

However, some questions are necessary and cast doubt on this volume like VPN use, people in transit who carry out transactions outside their country of origin and also the understanding that not everyone prefers setup any Locale and keep using it in English.

Closing thoughts

The goal of this post is meet Globalization metrics with Organization’s goals and interests and before propose a plan for Globalization renewal. I will also address this post in the next Global Office Hours (Dec 4th - check Events on your discord) so see you there.


In general i think the value of global isn’t really tied to the output and i think everyone would like that to align. There is something that feels like a missing connection, happy to work this through together to reach a resolution.

:point_down: this precisely.

How has this been performing over time? Am i reading this right that this hasn’t grown?

Also, i think focusing on where people are is probably not the best focus of energy, wouldn’t it make sense to track the pipeline of people who change their language and then use the app? or to look at your initiatives that do generate meaningful platform use?

Food for thought.


gm! really appreciate the feedback, Tim. Please, feel invited to build with us.

I guess my answer bellow could be considered some update

For Globalization metrics, the Selected Locale param on MixPanel assumes that the user selected his desired idiom using our Language Support, then traded using his local language. This mitigates some miscalculations when there are users using VPN and browsing the interface using the default language, English. Selected Locale is part of Workstream’s strategy of narrowing conversion funnels.

I just published a two new dashboards looking to Selected Locale x Volume, check bellow:

Dashboard #1

The second dashboard show us a broader view over past 6 months.

Dashboard #2

In terms of Volume, I would say the graphic above can give us some clarity on Selected Locale performance.

Regarding WATs, if we consider cumulative results we’re reaching our established goal counting with 588 new users on this cohort performing weekly transactions .