Happy Valentine's Day!

Love you all, foxes.

But I wish this project would just stop lying to itself and looked in the mirror instead. There’s a lot to see.

There is no start-up, dao or governance culture.

This is a corporate culture raised on closed-door politics with a few influential players behind the scenes, masquerading as a decentralized organization. We get it - you want to get your return. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just stop pretending like that’s not the point. Stop wasting people’s time on all that governance theater if you’re unwilling to honor the vote results. There’s no governance fatigue - rather moral fatigue.

There is no community.

It’s long gone. The second you started shedding valuable talent to protect your bottom line was the second you killed the community for good. You could have easily restructured the workstreams in a way that would have kept your beloved community intact. Instead you’re now stuck with a bunch of ‘leaders’ having no on else to lead or point fingers at. So much for the ‘lean and mean’ team. Guess someone was right - all that’s left is mean.

There is no ownership, accountability or self-reflection.

Just keep on piling failure upon failure - loan interest, trimming ‘the fat’ (what a marvelous phrase I gotta say), draining the stables to keep away the crashing token etc. None of you are responsible for any of this right? It’s the MaRkEt cOnDiTiOnS. If only that nasty downturn didn’t reveal most of your leadership failures.

There is no playbook.

Agreed. We’re all just winging it and that’s fine. At least take ownership of your past failings. Acting like there’s little to no merit to any of these points is delusional at this point. It’s truly baffling how you’re keeping a straight face but guess that’s your cross to bear. Just make sure you don’t cut your fingers when pulling those strings.