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Hi Willy,

I’m interested in contributing to progressive decentralization, product, tokenomics, marketing & growth, and special projects.

My day job is in design for web & marketing and project managing. Would love to help out if I can find a place to fit in.

awesome, looking forward to meeting you ! sounds like we’re into a lot of the same things 1f60e

Hi all,

I’m interested in contributing to the development workstream.

Professionally, I’m a self-employed software developer and data engineer. I’d love to work on the design/architecture and code to improve ShapeShift. There are a few pain points and bugs I have come across that I hope I can help solve. And I would be excited to see if I can help out implement new features going into the future.

Awesome, would love to have you helping out on the development side ! Thanks for sharing your interest here, hopefully as the code open sources this will be possible for you to start contributing soon!

Perhaps for now post in the development workstream with details of some of the bugs you are seeing you would like to help fix, ideas for new features, or even just an overview of your specific skill set 1f642

Would be great to have your help on the marketing side - maybe post some ideas in the marketing workstream of ideas or tasks you think you could implement or help with?

I would like to help on Marketing, Product, Partnerships or Progressive Decentralization.

Many years of SaaS corp dev specializing in software product design in the RTC (Real Time Communications) space, some in the crypto space (masternodes, smart wallets). Prior to that involved in finance (selling mostly) , I understand financial markets and regulatory frameworks. Spent last few years investing in crypto projects, trading and watching the legal / regulatory fiasco unfold. I want to learn more about how DAOs could be the hero to our free market woes. Best way to learn is to “do”.

Here to help if I can.

Hey everyone! My name is Chris Troutner, but I go by the handle ‘trout’. I’m a full stack JavaScript developer and I’d like contribute to the Development workstream of this DAO.

I have deep, working knowledge of the Bitcoin protocol, and building production applications using JavaScript.

A bit about my background:

I’ve been involved in Bitcoin since 2009. I’ve followed Erik and been a big fan of his since his early days in Bitcoin. I’ve been very active in the Bitcoin Cash community since 2017. I worked for for two years. I’m also active in the Avalanche, IPFS, and Filecoin communities as well. I operate and founded the Permissionless Software Foundation (, which is also a DAO.

Hi Everyone,

I like to get involved in the development stream.

I’m full stack developer (Node/Python) experienced with DevOps/MLOps.

Keen to understand how I can be helpful.

Hi Everyone,

I’m interested in joining the development stream. I have a degree in Computer Science, and I’ve graduated from one of the top Data Science Bootcamps in the US. I’ve also taught myself multiple programming languages such as Kotlin, Typescript, Visual Basic (to write custom functions in Excel), and even assembly. My best language is Python, which I learned when studying Data Science.

I spend a lot of my free time studying, so I have knowledge on many subjects that can provide value to the DAO. 1f642

(post deleted by author)

Hi folks,

keen to join the product, decentralization and tokenomics workstreams. I’m a product manager working for big tech and interested in crypto, tech and finance. I publish regular blogposts on tokenomics and other crypto stuff.

Hi Willy!

I’m very excited about this huge shift being made and would love to be a part of it.

I’ve been making crypto ATMs for a long time, and have more recently been working with an Ethereum oracle project.

We built Shapeshift into our ATMs a few years ago so that our operators only needed to hold Bitcoin in the hot wallet and the ATM would trade using your API.

I would like to work within the partnerships workstream.

I feel I have a good handle on the sort of financial instruments that would complement the DAO well; in addition to having existing relationships with teams already building them.

Shapeshift has always been building awesome stuff while staying true to privacy and trustless interaction. I would really like to join the team.



Awesome, welcome George! Looking forward to meeting you

I’d love to help out with progressive decentralization and tokenomics.

I’m a student of economics and wrote my bachelor thesis on correlations and price determinants within DeFi, and am currently learning as fast as I can about game theory and mechanism design.

Welcome ! Hope you can join us for the Tokenomics Workstream Kickoff call. Stay tuned for the kickoff call for the Progressive Decentralization workstream to be scheduled too.

1f680 What: Tokenomics Workstream Kickoff

23f2 When: Monday August 16th at 2pm ET

1f5fa Where: Discord voice channel

1f5d3 Add to calendar: Google Calendar - Sign in to Access & Edit Your Schedule

I’m really looking forward to both of them. Really awesome that you guys are doing this.

Den mån 9 aug. 2021 20:54Willy via ShapeShift DAO <> skrev:

Hi all-

I’ve spent the last ~20 years as a tech consultant, focused mostly on technology innovation and business strategy. I left the more traditional corporate world in 2020, looking for new personal/professional adventures. Since rediscovering blockchain (after dabbling a bit back in 2017), I’m all-in on improving the way the world works using blockchain, and finding projects (like Shapeshift) that I feel best represent the true mission of this space.

I’m most interested in the progressive decentralization and tokenomics workstreams, but happy to contribute where needed.

Hi folks,

I’m really excited about this big move for Shapeshift towards decentralization, eager to help out in any way I can. I have experience in HTML and predictive economic models using STATA, and am also learning JavaScript.

Hey Willy,

Hunt directed me here from the discord.

I’m an accountant/finance person with about 5 years in business at a management level, and I’ve been learning about crypto for some time and would love to join and help in some way. I have a lot of work with organizational budgeting, which I think could be applied forward to project level budget analysis and discussion. After some time in the discord I think this is a way I could help cross stream through budget analysis.

If there’s anywhere I could help, let me know. I’m PTT on discord and willing to discuss and talk about budgets moving forward.