Any opportunity to joint he WorkStream and contribute to growth?

Good day everyone,

Would love to joint the Workstream in a PM, Product or Business Development role. 15+ years of Sales and Marketing experience and strong exposure in Europe.

Would it be possible to connect to someone to provide more details and outline the opportunities we can create?

Have a wonderful day!

Hey! I’m glad you are here!

I speak on behalf of Information & Globalization Workstream, we are aiming to promote ShapeShift across the entire world so that’s why we are building a repository containing documents and articles in several languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French, Chinese and Korean so far.

Works are in progress and we are looking for potential contributors whose fits in our GCA program (GlobalFOX Community Ambassador). If you are interested in being a Language Leader, I recommend that you read this information and fill the formulary (bottom of the page) to apply for this role.

I also noticed that you have Growth ideas for Europe, bring them and let’s discuss it 1f642 We can use this channel (forum) but I encourage you to make a visit in our Discord. Feel free to join to our Workstreams public channels: #globalization-publicfeedback / #marketing-public-chat. Particularly, i would like to read/listen your Growth proposal for Euro, so we can make it dynamically on Discord.

Welcome to FOX community and hope you enjoy this journey through DeFi 2.0 and the Blockchain world with us!

Kind regards,


Dear thesmith,

First of all, thank you for your time answering the question! Really appreciate your effort in explaining and providing the guidance to me!

With your direction I already applied for Russian language lead and would be excited to contribute to spreading the knowledge to wider community!

As for the second part, I am already a member of Discord but seems like the channels you were mentioning requiring some access / permission to join. Can it be the case? If yes, who can be the person which would be kind enough to provide it?

Very much looking forward for growing ShapeShift together!!

For discord: goto #role-selector and choose the catergories that interest you. ( Marketing and Global ) would both open up sections of channels. Enjoy! and hope to see you there.

Hello, Valeriy!

I’m tagging , our Globalization leader so he can get in touch with you.

I nearly forgot, to interact on Globalization channels, please head to #Role-Selector and select Globalization, after that, you’ll be able to see #globalization-publicfeedback. For marketing, just hit Marketing option 1f642