LatAm Labs - Warming up our next month (12/20/2021 - 01/20/2022)

Hello FOXes! We are moving into the second month of work, the previous month was a trial and the project proved effective, even with both Workstreams that support this project having its proposals in incubation, we will keep the LatAm lab online.

Thanks to community and leadership support, LatAm labs is going places and now we’ve got 4 news sprints!

1f525 1st Sprint details 1f525

  • Substack plan for a bilingual newsletter

  • LatAm NFT planning
  • Web3 content discussion
  • CoinEx prizes
  • Guilherme is hired and onboarded for this month!
  • Changing time of our weekly sprint call, it will gonna be on mondays but at 4pm (Miami time) .

1f449 New tasks on trigger and pushed into our Roadmap Check our notion page.

1f449 Check our Monthly evolution through LatAm public KPI’s

Our office budget for next 4 sprints: 12/20/2021 - 01/20/2021

The budget for this month is already defined and will cover the following layout:

(These actions may vary, but the only information that will not change in this spreadsheet is team monthly compensation, btw… our payment flow will remains the same as last month)

LatAm machines will remains online, but on days 24/25/26/31 dec and 1st jan we’ll working with 50% capacity (Happy holidays!!!) 1f609

2b50 Awesome news and milestones will be posted here throughout the month, bookmark this post and wait for it 2b50

There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.

― Marshall McLuhan

I wish you all a great week full of accomplishments.