LatAm Sprint Report 01/02/2021: Mar Abierto

Hey everybody! How’s FOX fam going?

I hope you guys have started 2022, because we’ve already started 1f525

our office was closed during the holiday period , however, in the middle of this we managed to complete our sprint and I bring in this topic a sharp report of what was achieved by Latam Team.

We’ve focused on Hive Chain and driven by the large amount of upvotes from the previous sprint (245), we’re recognized and I’m glad that FOX Latam is reaching a significant audience. My props to who managed a bilingual translation on GUStakes warm up, here’s your KPI! 300+ upvotes 1f64c

But, there’s a thing that is really marvelous… FOX LatAm being selected by the community curation!

OCD defines itself as “Curation Guild for undervalued, quality posts by newcomers and community building + onboarding and retention.”

Check Hive Chain blockexplorer for further metrics:

Hive @Foxlatam: foxlatam | Hive

Hive @ShapeShiftDAObr: shapeshiftdaobr | Hive

LatAm team also plays Gods Unchained and had fun at GUSstakes AMA, it was a really fun time for us, we played, talked and interacted let more AMAs like this come! i nearly forgot, i was defated by KEK

Following community growth pace, kindly created two Linktree’s profiles for LatAm ops, we’re using both links to engage communitys and gather all LatAm useful pages:

1f332 Brazilian Linktree

1f332 Spanish Linktree

There’s something that must mention, the incredible ultimate brazilian article about Giveth ecosystem writen by : I’m sure this will gonna be an open door between both communities you already had the Bankless spark, now you have the FOX spark!

managed to translate this PT article into ES/EN so, what more can i say? congratulations! LFG 1f43b

Have a good reading!

Almost closing our sprint when and managed to setup the Matrix bridge for ‘ShapeShift en Español’ telegram’s group right into our main discord! Everyone who speak spanish or want to make a visit is invited (Yes, messages are mirrored between this telegram group x shapeshift discord). GGWP gk and vlad!

(To access this room make sure you selected Globalization role on #Role- Selector)

Well, there are many things happening in our roadmap such as: work on telegram’s Portuguese bridge, FOX LatAm x CoinEx AMA and even an NFT project!

Check all LatAm KPIs and roadmap:

Check weekly KPI’s:

Stay tunned on LatAm updates, we leave ‘Mar Abierto’ sprint and we are entering ‘Tierra Firme’ 1f6a9

Kind regards,