Marketing & Growth Workstream - Data for the Community

  • Hello fellow Foxes! Welcome to the ShapeShift DAO! Let’s get this party started!

    The Growth & Marketing Workstream should be focused on growing the DAO in two primary ways:

    Attract and grow our base of creators - people who can help digitally create a future where ShapeShift is the best way to interact with all of Web3.

  • Grow the community of users - people who will use the products and provide the essential feedback to the creators, which in turn makes ShapeShift awesome.

Undoubtedly, there are a ton of other things that need Growth’s touch - but our north star will always be to support the vision and mission

  • . We believe in these principles and have opened ourselves up to the world in order to attract more like-minded people.

    Fundamentally, the Growth Team at pre-DAO ShapeShift wanted to spread a message that could change the world.

    We wanted a user to check crypto prices with coincap. Engage with web3 apps with Portis & KeepKey. Manage their portfolio, purchase crypto with fiat, swap coins across decentralized protocols, win FOX, and earn yield with our mobile app and platform. All non-custodially, all without asking users to KYC, without fees for FOX Token holders - your keys, your crypto.

    A summary of our strategy for accomplishing this mission was:

    Identify user groups that were a good product fit for ShapeShift.

  • Bring those users into our ecosystem, through a mix of earned and paid media.
  • Engage users and encourage them to explore the full ShapeShift suite of products and services.
  • A high level summary of our findings and experience is:

    ShapeShift’s paid media strategy grew our user base, but it was organic and earned media that kept users involved in the ecosystem. A reliance on paid media for user growth was not intended to last forever, and a shift towards a more organic approach was always the goal.

  • This has financial motivations as well as strategic ones. Not only would it be difficult to maintain our previous budget, but it also would be against what I feel is the purpose of a DAO. To network, build alongside other projects, and harness network effects.
  • ShapeShift has had its largest growth surges from community engagement. Full stop.
  • Examples of highly effective community engagement channels/tactics are: Email, push notifications, PR & Social Media, and giveaways of swag and crypto.
  • Everything from user engagement metrics to financial metrics (such as trading) confirm this.
  • Thus, the primary growth foci for the DAO should be earned media, crowdsourced efforts, community involvement, and joint ventures with other projects. Everything should be pivoted to support this change in direction.
  • A non-exhaustive brainstorming list for the DAO Marketing & Growth Workstream:

    Identification & execution of joint ventures with other crypto projects

  • Content creation & distribution across the crypto space
  • Management & growth of ShapeShift’s social presence
  • Brainstorming & execution of promotions
  • Providing growth & marketing support for product feature releases
  • Engagement and growth of Discord community
  • … And many more, yet unidentified things
  • This will require Foxes that are comfortable getting involved, doing the hard work, and getting things off the ground. The success of this workstream will contribute in a big way to the success of the DAO at large.

    What follows is a data dump for growth hackers and marketers to digest, so that the wheel isn’t reinvented and ShapeShift continues moving forward uninterrupted. It’s a call to arms for those who want to get involved. Enough idle chatter, let’s send it.

    These files represent how growth decisions used to be started, prior to the DAO. Proposals were submitted, debated, and ultimately refined into winning strategies. Post-DAO, most of this process will be the same, just including way more people. These attachments are meant to give a starting point to this process - and will most likely need to be modified to fit the DAO’s needs better.

    Branding & Creative:

    Campaigns need creative, and we have compiled as many creatives as we could find for the DAO to use. Obviously this is not a full list of all creatives - growth moves fast and sometimes things get lost. This should be a fantastic starting point.

    Click here to check it out!

    Tracking & Proof of Winning:

    This is the bread and butter of what the centralized growth team wanted to make available to the DAO and the public at large. Growth is, at its core, optimistic and hopeful - inputs of creativity and efforts are exploded out into the world at large, with desired outcomes in mind.

    Here is a collection of data for the not-so-faint-of-heart to read, absorb, and use as a springboard for future success.

    1. How we structured our data
    2. Giveaway campaign promotional data
    3. Project Rainfall testing and post-launch data
    4. FOX incentivization campaign data

    A blended tracker to make sure we’re winning across all channels:

    1. Roll Up Framework template to track all growth efforts

    With this system, there should be ample framework to get this workstream kicked off. From proposal, to ideation, to tracking, there is a lot we can do - as well as prove that what is going on is working.

    Our current best thinking is that this workstream will be one of the most accessible, and more collaborative across the DAO. We need a ton of help, and we want a lot of people involved. If you’re interested in helping spread the message of ShapeShift, We’re looking forward to meeting you!

So much good data provided here. You’ve got my gears spinning thinking ways I can possibly contribute. Cant wait to see how this workstream progresses. This is something I think fits me, and the more broad creative analysis and connecting of people/concepts is a strength of mine. It might be something that I simply observe and add thoughts too from time to time. Just wanted to show my interest and excitement for the focus you’ve made clear on the goal of collaborative effort. Cant wait to see how this progresses.

Edit: I have a deep curiosity in people and communities. I like to look at people and see their value and how that could be useful towards a larger goal. My curious engagements with other communities puts me in a unique position to engage with people and make them aware of the opportunities available to them in projects they haven’t yet explored. I think this kind of marketing is similar to what you hint at, and so I’ll keep an open mind and enjoy feedback on how I’m interpreting your vision of how this community can benefit this workstream.

Thank you for providing the ‘why’ and the background of the growth team. I haven’t seen a lot of this in proposals so far, so it’s refreshing to see.

I appreciate your first-principles approach to growth. That is also refreshing.

Excited to poke around the assets! :nerd_face: