ShapeShift DAO: A Beginner’s Point of View and Useful Tips

Hi, my name is ValtheDad

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    As a newbie in any DAO, it might be a challenge to get started. A plethora of new information and meeting new people can be intimidating to those, who have never had any experience with this type of project. I found myself in this exact position when my journey at the ShapeShift DAO began, therefore I decided to share some general advice to fellow DAO beginners.

    I come from a non-finance and non-tech-related background, so exploring the DAO Defi universe is a great journey, which I am taking with an open heart and full of enthusiasm. With 15 years of experience in International FMCG companies, I have extensive knowledge of what a good company looks like and more importantly what changes and improvements traditional companies could make. In a DAO, everyone is heard, substantial decisions are made by the community unlike corporate decision making where top management are responsible for majority of decisions. My key driver in exploring the ShapeShift DAO was to learn the best way to build something meaningful and sustainable; making our world a better place with one good decision at a time.

    Here are 4 tips from my side on how to get started:

    Firstly, I would highly recommend researching the DAO’s goals and values. Many users state that working on something that projects your personal interests tends to be far more productive than investing your time in a project that does not share your views. The best way to explore the DAO, other than to use its product, is to join the community on social networks like Discord, Twitter or Reddit. Newbies can find newsletters, active proposals and features that are already working and most importantly, talk to experienced users.The community is also welcome and encouraged in joining the various weekly community calls where the DAO governance and other projects are being discussed, this way you truly get to know the DAO.

  2. Secondly, it is important to acknowledge that an interested member should not necessarily have a tech or crypto background (even though they are also more than welcome!). Artists, marketing managers, copywriters etc. are also crucial for the project and their help is often needed. My advice is to step out of your comfort zone show the community what your skills are and someone will definitely contact you to cooperate and contribute to this revolutionary project! You can simply start by talking to a member, expressing your interest and they will point you in the right direction.

The 3rd tip would be around attitude. Unlike in big corporations with a 10 layer hierarchy, in a DAO everyone can and should build their own path. Be proactive and don’t be afraid to take steps into the unknown. You don’t know whom to write to, just write to an active user with a nickname you like:) You’re not sure how to contribute? Drop a message under this forum post

  1. or message in Discord and introduce yourself, inform the community that you are present and willing to support. Good intentions always lead to great things!
  2. Last tip from my side, I truly believe that the key goal here should be learning and progressing. Joining the DAO is just the first step. The following actions should be focused around buffing your knowledge and expertise around blockchain trends, relevant technologies, market tendencies and your DAO’s product development to understand the way ShapeShift operates, what partnerships they are interested in developing and nurturing etc. Don’t forget that learning is always about sharing. So with all of your new knowledge, contribute back and build on your ideas!

Overall, people from different backgrounds and at different levels of expertise can become valuable contributors and members of the community. If you share the same values, have the motivation and courage, go ahead and make the first move. I would like to wish our new members luck and success in making a reality of their creative ideas! In case of any questions, join the ShapeShift DAO Discord.

It’s really cool to read such detailed and well-written feedback.

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These tips are definitely useful for newbies, we look forward to getting to know you more 1f642

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Great introductory info I will be using to speak to friends And family.

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Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), also known as consumer packaged goods (CPG), are products that are sold quickly and at a relatively low cost.

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