Partner Intros & Out Reach

Anyone that has an idea that might need an introduction to any DAO, Or company in the ecosystem feel free to create a list. I’d be happy to make introductions as needed. And also to have the conversations with them to bring them into our roadmap. Whatever that may be in time. Looking forward to seeing what new partnerships come forth. If you wanna collab on this to start let me know.



I will vouch that Scott here basically knows everybody in the world.

Scott, I would like to take up your offer of putting me in touch with the right folks. Battlejoose suggested I engage the ShapeShift community with the opportunity to build and integrate the goosie protocol. The protocol enables people to mint their own asset-backed stable decentralised money - totally aligned with the ShapeShift vision. It also has powerful, game-changing benefits that are likely to drive assets and revenue to the ShapeShift/KeepKey platform. What do you think is the best way to share the opportunity with the community?

Hunt, thank you for reaching out. I have actually drafted a proposal as a way of starting the conversation. You can view the draft here: Draft Proposal. Please let me know what you think of this approach along with any suggestions.

I’m happy to see this moving along!

Thank you. Let me update you on progress shortly.

Hunt, your suggestion took me to Discord in time to join the FOXEnomics Office Hour. I saw that Oxdef1cafe was the engineering workstream leader. As the proposal is for engineering to produce a scope of work I felt it courteous to share the details with Oxdef1cafe first and set up a call for tomorrow. Unfortunately he cancelled the call saying that after reviewing the collateral he did not have confidence in the project. I suggested a 20 minute call was small commitment to voice any concerns directly to me. I have not heard back. I am uncomfortable about posting anything until we find a means of Oxdef1cafe having the opportunity to voice any initial concerns and for me to respond, either in writing/discussion thread, or a call. I would appreciate your thoughts.

Thank you for your encouragement. I do think this is important enough for the future of the DAO, as well as the future we are wanted to create to make the post.

Hunt, the proposal is now live. Thank you again!

Prime DAO is currently the best solution for that. DAO has 4 products of which 3 are live. Prime Deals is an app for making partnerships with other DAOs and protocols in space, and Prime Rating is a permissionless framework for quantifying the quality and risk of Defi and Metaverse protocols. You can join Prime Discord and ask what interests you, Prime community is active and approachable. If I can help you in any way feel free to tell me.

Does ShapeShift have any significant integrations (vertical and horizontal) other than the yield aggregator(s) from the Defi section?