[Proposal Idea] Create a Global Shapeshift In-Person Meetup group in each Major City

Since Shapeshift is in the process of becoming a DAO, lets take it a bit further by fostering in person community meetup groups in each major city around the world. Having an in person discussion is a completely different feel vs doing it over video or a forum.

The goal of the meetups is to bring together local Shapeshift members to discuss new ideas, foster growth, and update everyone on Shapeshift developments.

Each city will have a volunteer organizer and co-organizer. Vetted by other community members if they can run an event.

Funding can be issued for the location venue, food, drinks, and other marketing materials.

Verification of the organizer’s community efforts must have videos or photos of each event if any funding was given out.

Please discuss further on how to make this a reality.

I like the idea of some sort of ShapeShift DAO focused meetups, not sure on logistics or how to fund/organize but would love to see some discussion on this topic.

Yea this could be something in the future as travel and local meet ups become more of a thing, I agree that in the shorter term the community organizing some digital meets ups/events on a regular basis would be great ! Would be happy to attend/speak and help bring some speakers to some digital voice chats on the discord stage regularly.

It would be nice to have some space specifically for more casual open conversations. Who’s around tonight? What are things you’re working on or have been thinking about?

Maybe Discord voice chat is the place for that, I haven’t used it before so not sure.