Release Thread for the Week of 3/8/24

Week of 2/26/24 - 1 Releases - 10 Commits - 1 Hotfix

Operational Notes

@Tyler_ShapeShift is back in the office, @MBMaria broke her arm and will have more limited availability as she navigates loosing her dominant hand for a temporary amount of time.

Thorchain LP work is undergoing its final testing and should see production some time next week if no critical or blocking bugs are found. @Tyler_ShapeShift is synthesizing a through testing suite based on the testing notes from Gomes and the work already tested by @MBMaria before the injury.

It appears as crypto activity increases, app usage goes up as well because it’s more performant. The lean team of two in Ops was stretched very thin with Tyler’s vacation and the accident. If releases, support, and testing continues to be affected, it may be time to consider scaling the team a bit more to meet the demands of the DAO.

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LP made it to flag land, let us know if you want to test it too.

The caps on Lending are released and as a result we’re looking into transaction display issues. We’ll say it’s because of your tweets but that would be disingenuous.

We’re also working through a mobile refactor, making it more modern and smooth. Expect good stuff soon, come to office hours to check it out.

Working on an Arbitrum grant that needs some mockups, looking into wallet abstractions, Farcaster frames, and next networks. Onwards


In progress

  • Spec Ratio is at: 56/21 (2.66)

Other feature process: