Release thread for the week of 4/5/24

Week of 4/5/24 - 3 Releases - 20 Commits

Operational Notes

We are a few weeks out from Thorchain LP going live and all of the fast follow bugs and tickets have been addressed. Ticket board is cleaner that it has ever been and backlog is being groomed nicely.

Another week of improvements across the board, areas touched include swapper, tx history, tc lp, and node infra.

Thanks to some work from Gomes, we are getting much better at handling big history wallets. If you have a wallet that hsa been struggling with the app try it again and please report your findings to the #product-public-chat or #operations-public-chat

Support ticket pile hit 0 this week. Great job MBMaria for helping me get us back to normalcy.

Operations will be picking up scheduled regression tests when cycles allow now that we are caught up and performing smoothly.

Status page for Now Nodes:

See you at AllFox next week!



Working closely with Eng and more technical overlap upfront is working. We’ve had more spiking and piles with tangible outputs and better ticketing. 0xean upgraded the project board so now we have a weekly process for pruning/grooming tickets into one view and we smash the bug board. You simply love to see it.

Working through spec cleaning into proper statuses and reducing all the fields on each. Some progress, but not complete.

Ohhh boy I poked the maya bears on twitter and people are using the canny board outside of core contributors. Nice.

If any integrators stumble here I’ll write specifically for this audience: we would love more chain support! But, it’s not that simple.

Sustainable, scalable, thoughtful implementations are the only way and they are blocked at our current resourcing. I truly wish things were as simple as a new URL, or one API call, one hook. Sadly, that’s just not how platforms work, especially ones with blockchain support, let alone multiple chains. Help us hire more engineers! Or jog on.


In progress

  • Spec Ratio is at: 52/16 (3.25)

Other feature process:

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