Release Thread for the week of 5/3/24

Week of 5/3/24 - 5 Releases - 16 Commits

Operational Notes

1.586.0 was a massive Gomes feature related to managing a series of bugs that have bubbled to the surface related to Thorchain LP repayments. This was a beast of a release and testing took multiple days. This created a bit of a logjam with releases that are still being sorted, we should be back to our regular release flow next week.

L1 to longtail is a feature addition that was pushed by our old trusted bounty contributor NeoMaking. Good to see his contributions again and Ops hopes to see many more in the future.

The Tenderly and Network tab Lunch and Learn was finally scheduled and a major success. Check it out in the DIscord record meetings channel.

Account management work continues to be build behind a flag and has yet to be tested by Ops.

FOXprops to ReedThorFOX for his excellent work jumping into Ops testing in major releases this week.



Decent progress on rFOX. We now mocked out the full experience and have multiple claims coming down the pipe. So that’s more discretion for users to play with.

DFC and product spent a good amount of time this week doing analysis on FOX farming so we have more awareness before making decisions there. Shout out to revert. finance and parsec. fi for awesome tools to visualize flows, txes, data, and liquidity.

Interviewed a possible new engineering hire ( the afformentioned Neo), they have the product stamp of approval. As a result, tightened up direction and vision in the notion space, we now have meta specs on their own page. Look at that S car go.


In progress

  • Spec Ratio is at: 48/15 (3.2)

Other feature process: