Release Thread for the week of 2/23/24

Week of 2/23/24 - 3 Releases - 23 Commits - 2 Hotfixes

Operational Notes:

A cluster of Prod issues plagued Engineering and Operations this week. A bug released in 1.541.0 was triaged and resolved with a hotfix. An additional hotfix was required to fix all of the issues that appeared. A more holistic fix was introduced in 1.543.0
Issues included: KeepKey transactions being blocked. Swapper quote bug, Cross chain swapper bug, and UTXO and EVM swapper bug
See the prod issue thread for more details:

Engineering and Operations are looking at process updates to combat this recent uptick in production issues.

1/24 COE Ops Prod Issue updates - Google Docs - Prod Issues updates. ← Introduced more specific definitions and refined details. Added high risk suspicious activity section. Still soliciting feedback.



Thanks for gibbing vote. We’re happy to see 99.98% FOXes in favor

Progress on the spreadsheet tracker, cleaning up specs, pulling in old ones, splitting incomplete ones, and tagging everything in canny. Categories, categories everywhere. I completely ran out of time posting a guide to good product contributions. My bad, but … soon :tm:

As noted by ops we had a fair amount of bugs to squash. This is normal folks. Improving the product leads to people actually using it. I mean just look at the affiliates on Thorchain, we’re at 300% and 200% growth MOM on the largest revenue driver and one more week in Feb.

Lending had a little pop! Nice to see the work from @gomes paying off, and @hpayne_shapeshiftdem 's push on the musk chat.

Memoless is getting unblocked in a month folks. Here. we. go.

Spec Backlog
Spec In progress

  • Spec Ratio is at: 58/23
    • This is concerning but as we continue cleaning up it should sit at about 3x “in progress” to “in backlog.”

Other feature process: