Release thread for the week of 4/12

Week of 4/12/24 - Releases - Commits

Operational Notes

Another week focused around smaller improvements and bug fixes.

COW affiliate fees and 0x positive slippage should now be coming into the treasury.

The asset page is getting a lot of love and features.

Continuing to improve and react to TC edgecase bugs as they come in.

AllFox #13 slides

Lots of spring cleaning and optimizations continually have us providing a better in app experience for our users.


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As mentioned last week, there has been much overlap, very wow. One tangible dive is the initial wallet pairing, account fetch, and how to give users the balances on the accounts they know they have at the jump. Thanks to ledger being a bit wonky, we have a path forward, a way to support the same flow as a generalized pattern, and a growing plan for slowly iterating into a more performative/intuitive experience.

The main thrust right now is get rFOX out the door and work on a smol-ish feature in parallel. Focus feels good man.


In progress

  • Spec Ratio is at: 52/19 (2.73)

Other feature process:

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