[SCP-41] Top Drawer Merch (official ideation thread)


This proposal is to fulfill the duties of the Fox merchandise platform. Top Drawer Merch will partner with Fox/Shapeshift to handle all of the creation/distribution of their products worldwide.


TDM will be responsible for the design, manufacturing, logistics and all things that go into e-commerce management. 70% of the profits from the store would go back to the DAO in the form of USDC at the end of each quarter net 30 days to settle.


TDM has a high level of knowledge in the crypto space and can execute at the highest level for product creation, implementing crypto as payment in the store, and management of any physical products as well as NFT’s. They currently work with companies such as Badger DAO, Iota, Yearn Finance, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Gutter Cat Gang, etc.


ShapeShift DAO gets the benefit of a professionally managed Merch Store without the headache of managing it. In addition to community members and users being able to purchase high quality ShapeShift swag, the 70% affiliate revenue share is generous and will add an additional revenue stream to the DAO.


Shapeshift DAO will not own the merch store but it will be in a full partnership with Top Drawer Merch utilizing all of their resources.

oooo I can’t wait for some ShapeShift swag!

thanks for proposing this awesome partnership 1f525

I understand that we may not own the merch store infrastructure - but can the DAO be assured that it owns the art and imagery we produce to create the merch?

Otherwise, this looks great.

Yes of course you will own the art and imagery.

This is great! All I can say is wen merch store? :fox_face: