New Merch Proposal from Top Drawer Merch

Dear fellow Shapeshift DAO community members, my name is Steve and I am one of the founders of Top Drawer Merch along with my partners Drew and Matt. We are all active members here that fully support Shapeshift and are invested in FOX. Together we run one of the most innovative merchandise/e-commerce management companies in the USA and are based out of Los Angeles, CA. We service some of the world’s top musical brands such as Coachella, Snoop Dogg, Kaskade, Illenium, Porter Robinson, and Rufus Du Sol. We also work with some of the most recognized NFT/DeFi projects out there such as Badger DAO, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Gutter Cat Gang, IOTA, and more.

We have a vertically integrated operation that allows our partners to scale their product offering while focusing on their main business. Including part-time staff, we have 70 people working at Top Drawer Merch which provides our partners with elite services across our service offering. We can handle graphic design, web development, NFT’s, production, global logistics, pop-ups/trade shows, brand development, marketing, and retail partnerships. We have worked with some iconic corporations such as Warner Bros and DC Comics as well as most major streetwear retailers.

Here is what we propose:

1.) We would create special top quality merchandise that would proudly embody the Shapeshift brand.

2.) We would handle everything from an e-commerce management perspective so it is a turn key operation. The DAO would vote on our top designs and deliver everyone the best products with the winning votes.

3.) 65% of the profit would go back to the DAO

4.) There are no costs associated with our setup so the $8,500 setup fee would no longer be needed. Our goal here is a long term partnership so we would open up all of our professional resources to you right away.

Fox yea for new swag!

Thanks for this awesome proposal

Looking forward to hosting you and Top Drawer Merch for a community AMA this coming Tuesday, October 18th at 10:30am MT.

NOTE: as discussed on Weekly Governance Call 10/7/2021 - YouTube at about 6:50 in, has kindly agreed to pause execution on his proposal for a merch store which passed a few days ago to give the community the opportunity to consider this alternative proposal. We agreed that if the TDM proposal does not pass, should proceed with setting up the merch store. If the TDM proposal does pass, we will partner with them for merch, and I would like to include request for some reasonable compensation from the DAO for ’s valuable efforts. (plus this could free up to work on other valuable stuff 1f609)

Looking forward to learning more about TDM on the community call, I’m a big fan from what I’ve heard so far. No matter what, looking forward to some dope new :fox_face: swag

I concur with the points that have been made as well.

Thank you so much to for the contribution as well. If this should not pass, I look forward to seeing the merch store you will bring!

  • at this point I would recommend moving your proposal to the ideation stage and putting in proposal format (see the governance process thread for more details: FOX Governance Process ).

+1 for moving this into ideation.

here is some copy you can use for the for/against section. I spoke with Uncle/LoraxDude and he suggested $500 as fair compensation for the effort he put into SCP-23 (~16 hours at $35/hr). I think to maximize the chances of this proposal passing, it would be great to include $500 compensation for for his efforts.

Here’s some language you could use for the For/Against section:

For - Approve Top Drawer Merch to build and run the official ShapeShift Merch Store, void SCP-23, and pay (@LoraxDude on discord) $500 of FOX for his efforts with SCP-23

Against - Do not approve Top Drawer Merch to build and run the official ShapeShift Merch store, and proceed with SCP-23