Ideas for Information Workstream: Video Content

Hi everyone!

As we move forward consolidating and globalizing information to make super-smart, super-informed, super-users, I’d like to hear individual voices from the fox burrow. As discussed in the Info/Globalization kickoff, the member journey we want to foster is:

New User → Informed User → Participating User

As you the user have been these different stages, I would love to hear about he challenges you faced or continue to face. What did you find challenging or confusing about the process of becoming an involved Shapeshift DAO member?

We want to start making informative video content that tackles these issues.

I’ve got ideas started on a Notion board below. These are just ideas I am kicking around, but I am very eager to hear about your experience. Thank you for your input!

I think a video on how to go through the stages of the governance process would be super cool - both useful for helping guide proposal writers through the process and showing people what kind of things DAO governance can accomplish.

Thanks . I have in my list a “Disclosure of Governance process” which is about as generic as can be. I have it tagged as a part of the “Informed User” journey, but I’ll need to break this down into functions. I could see this in parts: brainstorming / ideation, proposal, voting (+gaining stakeholder buy-in?). I might see if I can bug when the time comes to plan these as a subject matter expert on the process.

Happy to help ! Love the idea for the governance walk through, both detailed versions as well as a high energy 30 second montage of all of the steps to get people interested in watching the deeper dives.

Responding to the fellow fox call to share thoughts

A possible avenue for exploration for an explainer video. Walking a person through a plausible experience of a new user to the discord community. Oh I know that this is probably very rough and rudimentary but just throwing things at the wall so you can see what sticks

Stated Goal

  • Showing a possible progression pattern from

    Introduction the discovery of the Discord DAO community

  • Building confidence and comfort
  • Establishing voice join the conversation, express thoughts, ideas, needs
  • Participation vote propose new ideas build with the DAO
  • Flow might look some like this

    Someone gets the invite to the Discord channel

  • Goes through verification process
  • Recieves a welcome message from a bot or community member or both!
  • Get comfortable
  • Show some great places to start
  • Hang out in the tips channel get a little extra fox
  • Enjoy the casual conversation in general channel
  • introduce yourself if u like
  • Show the user saying hello interacting with other community members
  • Also have a or not where the user may be shy and start out slower
  • Check out our resources
  • Show some of the learning and available resources available to the community
  • Respect our community members and rules
  • Quick reminder to always respect the other members and community rules
  • Feel free to ask questions
  • Show users freely asking questions, receiving helpful responses from other members
  • Find your foxy voice
  • After building your comfort level jump on in and add your voice to the community
  • Find your voice if you think something might be useful or has utility for the whole community then share your voice.
  • Show someone posting in the appropriate channels for new ideas, thought, creation
  • Build off of your voice
  • Show voting
  • Show proposing in forum
  • Talk about different videos about this subject matter to keep this compact and on message
  • Now you are DAOing it
  • Oh of coarse, end it with the infamous catch phrase!

discourse-post-upload20231125-65354-zsozg2.png willy:

a high energy 30 second montage of all of the steps to get people interested in watching the deeper dives

Do you have any examples that are similar to what you are thinking for this? Like, similar energy / vibe of what you have in mind?

aw yea was hoping you’d ask !

  • thinking short clips of the following over some fast paced music and cool transitions/titles:

    Chat in the Discord

  • Brainstorm on the Forum
  • Hang with the community (community calls)
  • Propose ideas (boardroom)
  • Get rewarded for contributing ( & colony)
  • ShapeShift the future (vote on boardroom)

Was thinking this could be a cool thing to include at the top of any funnel where we’re hoping to convert users/community members into governors (ie. the I&G info page, welcome message in discord, ShapeShift | Where Crypto Lives, etc.). and ofc very tweetable

idea for some copy to display at the beginning or end:

ShapeShift DAO

Of the people, by the people, for the people


Of the foxes, by the foxes, for the foxes :fox_face: 1f642