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Week of 2/26/24 - 3 Releases - 36 Commits

Tyler out this week so uh, here is a gif:

Product notes

Look a wild post about how to help the product workstream appears. Our canny board ia s bit of a mess and there isn’t a way to steward an idea. We wanted to fix that.

LP is so close we can test it.

Lending has hard caps and we didn’t display them. We now have a twitter button so you can tweet “raise the caps” like everyone else. Additionally, this surfaced some bugs for large deposits that was upstream so we had some accidental user discovery ship straight to prod.

We fixed a lot of FOX discount math and have been hammering away at trade performance UX. As a result we keep testing huge wallets to make them more performant and indicate why it has so many requests when your history is so large.


In progress

  • Spec Ratio is at: 57/22

Other feature process:

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