Release Thread for the Week of 3/29/24

Week of 3/29/24 - 6 Releases - 42 Commits

Operational Notes

The name of the game for most of the releases this week were improvements/bug fixes related to swapper bugs from the recent swapper issues and the new Thorchain LP feature fast follow tickets and bugs.

Tx history got a lot of love and will continue to see improvements to memos/labeling as well as load handling.

A lack of slippage warnings for some not great Thorchain lending positions on AVAX lead to us turning off the feature until we could add some better warnings to users about extreme slippage cases.

Thor+more with attention to cleanup, maintenance and polish is the current focus of our building and bug tickets. Please reach out in #operations-publicchat if you see something in the app that could use some love or polish.


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Pool party gif is great

Lookie, you can LP now. We did a twitter space and got this stuff out in the world.
lending hit 9 MM in borrows and we’re already at 30K on LP. Not bad.

Some improvements with the product <> eng crossover, couple meetings of progress there. We have a mental model of getting product to do more technical asks upfront and then engineering does the opposite: more product-y things upfront. This means technical due diligence would be much more cohesive, written by default, and we say no a lot earlier. It also means we should have more cohesive awareness before starting a feature, but means we will move slower and do less things. If you think about it, we have a tiny team for how much scope we’ve taken on.

We did our first slide preso of office hours. Much better format and you can see the artifact here.

As per that session, and ops notes above, we’re focusing on Thor + More as a theme (possibly until Q3). In a rare DAO moment, all of the workstream leads agreed on this focus. :exploding_head:

Beard is rolling out changes and updates to mobile as well as small tweaks to the sorting and organization of the app over the next few weeks, ShapeShift should be slowly shapeshifting before your eyes.

Onwards and upwards hippies, lets go.


In progress

  • Spec Ratio is at: 54/23 (2.34)
  • We’re going to sunset lots of these specs or add them into a “EVM evaluate” status. this means when we can enter the EVM focus we can open these specs as tickets. Priority here will be the challenge but the tickets will be much more shovel ready from so much overlap.

Other feature process: